Now in our 22nd year of serving the paint and sundries industry, The Paint Dealer remains the #1 trade publication in the market! Our mix of the freshest, most readable editorial coverage, brightest, most exciting graphic design, hottest, most unique ideas and savviest, most friendly staff makes The Paint Dealer a vibrant, effective part of your marketing efforts.

Why is it so important that your advertising appears in The Paint Dealer magazine? Well, there are dozens of reasons, but here are the top four:

Our Readers Buy What You’re Selling—Whether it’s paint & primers or brushes and rollers, our readers carry it and sell it…which means that they have to buy it from someone. So, if they see your ad, they buy your product. If they don’t see your ad, you can bet they’ll see your competitor’s… and that’s who they’ll buy from.

Our Readers Prefer TPD—If you’ve read the two reasons above, it’s not hard to understand that The Paint Dealer is the #1 most read, most preferred publication in the paint & sundries industry. But don’t take our word for it. Ask your customers. We did, and they’ve told us that they prefer The Paint Dealer to our closest competitor, Paint & Decorating Retailer, by a 10-to-1 margin! Through the best and worst of times, TPD remains the top choice for independent paint & sundries dealers…and advertisers!

We Are Not Your Typical Trade Publication!—Pick up any copy of TPD and read a few articles, then pick up any copy of our competitors magazine. After you have read both, you will know why readers prefer TPD over any other industry mags. We write with feeling and style, and we are truly excited to bring information about YOUR products to our readers. We also sprinkle in a bit of humor along the way, and that is what gets people to remember what they have read, and why YOUR products are important to them.  With a combined 35+ years of industry writing experience, we are the industry experts on paints, stains and sundries.

We Don’t Waste Your Money, But Our Competition Does!—Wallpaper stores? Flooring stores? Window treatment stores? You won’t find them on our subscriber list! We don’t distribute our magazines to those types of stores. Why would we? They don’t sell your products! Our subscribers are the finest independent paint & sundries stores in North America. Honestly, if you’re advertising your products in our competitor—where a third of their circulation goes to stores that don’t sell paint or sundries—you’re wasting a third of your money! Why would you do that? If you advertise in TPD, 100% of your money goes to reaching your audience, because 100% of our readers are your audience!