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By Jerry Rabushka,

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The industry says farewell to The Paint Dealer

Well we’ve sure spent a bit of time saying goodbye and wrapping things up. But we know as we head into 2019 that painters will still paint, manufacturers will still manufacture, retailers will still sell. We’ve seen retailers come and go over the years, and we’ve spoken with several who have retired this year and closed up their business, some after nearly half a century. We brought you a lot of news over the years, from the beginnings of low VOC paint to the beginnings of low temperature paint, sometimes even high temperature paint. Back in the day we wrote articles on the differences between water based and oil based, and eventually those articles didn’t matter anymore. Oil based house paint…what’s that?

We’ve seen the venerable 240-year-old Devoe Paint get acquired, traded, and rebranded; we’ve seen Jones-Blair, Porter, Duron, Mythic, Purdy, Flood, Pratt & Lambert and many more get acquired or retired. We’ve seen new brush filaments for new paints, new roller fabric, new tape, new caulk. We’ve visited dealers from Jacksonville Beach, FL to Fairbanks, AK; from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island to Honolulu, HI. We’ve been to about 25 National Hardware Shows in Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

During these last few weeks we’ve received calls and letters from readers and even former industry players— one paint dealer called us in tears at the thought of losing our publication. Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and good wishes—as a writer and just as a human being, my goal at this job (beyond paying mortgage and electricity) was to make a difference to people. It’s nice to know that as a company we were successful in doing so, maybe even beyond what we thought. We asked a few industry people if they would like to share any final thoughts, printed below.




“On behalf of everyone at ArroWorthy we would like to wish you the best of luck on your new journey. It’s been a wonderful experience working with all of you over the years. You will be missed. All the best.” Roland Kolilias, VP, ArroWorthy


“It has been our pleasure working with The Paint Dealer over the years. We have the utmost appreciation for both the magazine and its readers for supporting Benjamin Moore and wish everyone success in the future.”
    Deborah DeHamilton, Senior Manager, Media and Activations, Benjamin Moore


“For many years, we’ve enjoyed being part of The Paint Dealer and what it has represented in the industry. Your fresh and insightful focus on the independent paint dealer has been an inspiration, and has been much appreciated at Corona, where we share your commitment to the independent. We will miss that voice and wish you all best of luck in the future.”
    Ben & Michael Waksman and the entire Corona Brushes family


“Learning that TPD Magazine is in its final run, I am reminded of the indispensable value of family. Realizing I will no longer be waiting to read each month’s pages, I now understand that while I was navigating the content for business, I was actually reaffirming and recommitting myself to my family, business and Independent customers.


Hans through his parents, created something beyond the technical, into the intangible, and people gravitated towards it. I know I did, because the common threads of TPD, were, and are, also mine.

Thank you Hans, Jerry, and team for helping continuously renew my personal and business commitment for the paint store out there who is in need of refuge in a market that is becoming unrecognizable to the needs of independents.”
    Tony Margani, Executive VP Sales & Marketing EVO Paints


We thank The Paint Dealer for supporting this small, family owned paint manufacturing business over the past several years!
    Anne Thibeau, President, Old Fashioned Milk Paint


“Thank you for everything you’ve done for our industry over the years. It has truly been a pleasure to work with such a great group at Mugler Publications. We are sorry to see you go and wish you and your readership the best in future endeavors.”
    Brandon Paas, JoMarie Pagano, and the staff at Intertape Polymer Group


“Jerry, and everyone at The Paint Dealer, as you move towards your final issue, I want to take a moment, simply, to say thank you. You were supporters, cheerleaders, and professionals not only in the world of paint, but in nurturing individuals, companies, and ideas. I am better for having collaborated and having become friends with you. Thanks for letting me share your world.”
    Mark Woodman, Mark Woodman design+color llc


“PPG is grateful to The Paint Dealer for its many years of collaboration and support, and for allowing us to share our industry expertise with independent paint dealers throughout North America. We wish you all the very best.”
    Jennifer Albert, PPG Paints senior marketing manager, architectural coatings.


“Goodbye to an Industry Voice: For more than two decades, The Paint Dealer have been a trusted authority in the paint and sundries industry. ShurTech commemorates the dedication to delivering cutting edge trends, technology and industry insights over the years. The ShurTech family will always remember the vibrant storytelling and long history of collaboration with our Duck®, T-REX®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate® and Shurtape® brands. As a longtime supporter and friend to both outlets, we extend our well wishes on future endeavors.”
     From the staff at ShurTech® Brands


“The Wooster Brush Company has been committed to making painting easier and more enjoyable for nearly 170 years. These magazines became another way that Wooster could deliver that message to painters and retailers across the USA. Who knows how many people over the years chose a Wooster tool after reading our advertising or product features in your magazines’ pages?! Thank you to The Paint Dealer and The Paint Contractor for your contributions to the industry we all care so deeply for.”
     Tim Yates, Communications & Multimedia Manager, The Wooster Brush Company


With these last words we write under the banner of The Paint Dealer Magazine, we wish all of you the best life has to offer. Thanks for being our readers, our writers, our critics, our customers, and our friends.