See You Later, Applicator

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These popular products, mainly designed for contractors, will move fast, so stock up!


Roll Fast with Corona

Corona UltraFast™ production roller covers are painter favorites for their speed of coverage, clean up, and durability. The UltraFast’s High-Density Polyamide fabric, with its feathered, bristle-like tips, picks up and releases paint like no other. It cleans much faster and easier than other synthetics. It is the closest a synthetic fabric has come to natural lambswool, yet with consistent, efficient performance and durability.

“They release the paint more efficiently,” said Corona president Ben Waksman. “They work like a lambskin but are much more durable and consistent. They prove especially effective as production tools in the 1/2˝ and 3/4˝ naps.” The Corona UltraFast™ is available in a full series of naps from 3/8˝ to 1˝, and lengths from 3˝ to 18˝, as well as ReeechIt™ mini-cover versions.


Strike Gold with ArroWorthy

“ArroWorthy introduced its new Professional Handcrafted Oro brush series featuring our own proprietary Chylyn filament,” says company VP Roland Kolilias.

“The acceptance from the user has been fantastic. The Oro brush delivers the level of consistency in paint pick-up and finish that painters are looking for in a professional brush as they switch from one coating to another. Also, it cleans-out easily.”


Wooster Keeps it Firm

In 1985, Wooster unveiled a new synthetic brush unlike any other on the market. Its shorter filaments offered more efficient paint coverage and better cut-in control. Fast-forward more than 30 years, and Wooster Ultra/Pro® Firm paintbrushes are still one of the most successful and imitated brushes on the market.

Even with all the changes in coatings over the last three decades—the introduction of higher solids, reduced drying times, and low (or no) odor paints—the original Ultra/Pro filament blend remains a favorite. This speaks to how Ultra/Pro brushes, like so many Wooster innovations, are far ahead of their time. In fact, the only way that the brushes have changed in 30+ years is by incorporating improved tipping processes to reduce drag. Over 35 different SKUs of Ultra/Pro Firm paintbrushes are available from The Wooster Brush Company.



Paint Well with Paintwell

Lindar Corp. recently released PAINTWELL—paint trays and tray liners designed for pros and do-it-yourselfers. “The Paintwell difference is the innovative, thermoformed design,” said Dave Fosse, director of marketing at Lindar. “With Paintwell trays and liners used together, the paint is evenly distributed over the roller on the tray’s ramp surface, creating better paint coverage and saving time.”

The trays and liners come in 9.5˝ and 18˝ and are made from durable and solvent resistant recycled RPET material. A Drip Guard feature reduces spills; liners will fit nearly every paint tray on today’s market. Products are ergonomically formed to be even easier to handle and maneuver. “Our team has the knowledge to customize plastic paint tray liners to precisely fit our customers’ unique needs—any shape, any size,” Fosse said.