Aye, There’s the Rub

By Jerry Rabushka,

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Image provided by Festool

An Abrasive Overview

One thing you learn about the paint industry quickly is that no category is static. Here are some new generation abrasives and sanding equipment designed for speed, ease of use, and superior results.



Blue Dolphin Sundries

At Blue Dolphin, president Roland Kolilias is working to make life easier for the dealer and the end user. They get more done, you stock less stuff. “Blue Dolphin Abrasives has been working on a premium product that will reduce SKUs at the dealer level and at the same time increase the productivity for painters,” he explained. “We have developed new 5″ Pro Sanding Discs that will fit any 5″ random orbital machine on the market. Whether it is a 5- or 8-hole machine or a professional dustless machine, the new Blue Dolphin Barracuda Disc will work and perform at high levels.”

No need for “spin,” there is already some good buzz about these discs. “They incorporate new technology that allows them to run cooler, giving them longer life and better production. Blue Dolphin has been getting great placement and wonderful feedback on the performance of these discs from the product’s end users.”

Still, the best product in the world won’t move if there isn’t some muscle behind it, so the company is making sure the word gets out. “We have introduced displays designed to work with paint, hardware, and lumber outlets,” said Roland. “They have been very successful with all three outlets to date. We will also be promoting them at the spring shows.”



3M™ is sanding its way into 2019 with Pro Grade Precision™ sanding sponges, available in a variety of forms. The unique Dust Channeling sanding sponge, made of premium aluminum oxide mineral, channels dust away from the sanding surface and is clog resistant. Use the pattern side for detail sanding and superior conformability. The standard side is best used for flat surface sanding.



Mirka’s powerful and compact Direct Electric Orbital Sander, the Mirka® DEOS 353CV, is the newest member in its electric sander family. At only 10 cm. high, the tool’s compact and very low profile gives it high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance. This small and light sander is naturally equipped with a brushless motor.

The machine has an easy to operate lever to control motor speed. It also has a separate on/off switch for easy and safe handling and features an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology. The vibration sensor makes it possible to view the current vibration level through the myMirka app.

An in-app purchase allows the follow-up of the daily vibration exposure. The low profile and small size make the DEOS ideal for sanding of profiles and hard-to-reach areas. In combination with Mirka’s net abrasives, the tool offers fast, efficient and dust-free sanding performance.




Festool has three new products ready to roll, which they’re happy to share and describe:

One: Festool offers a fully integrated sanding solution for all your applications, from aggressive stock removal to superfine, finish sanding. With a complete line of abrasives in a wide assortment of different types—and grits ranging from 24 to 4,000—Festool has the perfect paper to meet your customers’ application needs. Festool abrasives, with their high-tech coatings, provide maximum resistance to clogging and smearing, which means longer lasting abrasives and less rework.

Two: For those who work with large volumes of dust and debris, the CT CYCLONE pre-separator is the simplest answer increasing the efficiency of the CT Dust Extractor and minimizing its lifetime cost of ownership—all within a compact solution that fits seamlessly into the Festool mobility system. Compliant with OSHA’s Table 1 when used with a HEPA-certified CT Dust Extractor, the CT Cyclone is an anti-static three-step filtration system that separates and collects large debris and coarse dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor—decreasing the number of filters and dust bags that you’ll need to purchase to keep it running smoothly.

Additionally, the CT Cyclone reduces the overall dust load on the main filter and ensures consistently high suction power throughout the work process. Compatible with all CT Dust Extractors, it is a highly portable and compact cyclone solution that can be easily transported to the job site.

Three: The Planex easy Drywall Sander simplifies drywall sanding. This single-piece machine features an easy “plug-in and go” design that is easy to set up and to use. Intuitive controls combine with exceptional balance and low weight to make the task of drywall sanding easier than ever.

Enjoy greater freedom-of-movement and longevity with the direct-drive EC TEC brushless motor due to its motor-over-pad design and flexible head joint. There are no flexible drive cables and no carbon brushes on the motor which need replacing.

A removable top section allows for up-close sanding to abutting surfaces such as inside edges. Finally, reduce jobsite clean-up while working in a cleaner environment, thanks to the integrated dust extraction design that captures dust at the surface (when attached to an appropriate dust extractor).