Pick a color, EXACTLY Any Color

By Jerry Rabushka,

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Datacolor explains its new color tools.

The more exact color can get, the more picky people will be. If everyone expects it to be “off” a bit, you won’t hear much complaining. But such isn’t the case these days, so the more tools you’ve got to help make that “exacting” client happy, the more your customer base will grow while your mistint pile will shrink.

The folks at Datacolor have several solutions to help you firm up your position as a color expert, so we asked them to explain “exactly” what those solutions are.

For one, they tell us, these tools will help customers choose and identify the correct color on the first try, because who wants that mistint pile to get so big you can’t get past it to the break room? “Identifying paint color is a challenge for millions who work every day at jobs and on projects that depend on their ability to perceive, manipulate, and communicate paint color,” said Susan Bunting, Director of Marketing, Consumer Solutions.

“In order to successfully sell paint to these individuals and to drive loyal customers back again and again, you need to offer solutions beyond fan decks and paint cans. With

Datacolor’s solutions, you can become the ultimate design center. Thanks to accessible and affordable technology, you and your staff can become paint experts delivering exceptional customer service.”


What, Exactly, Are You Talking About?

Here are a few tools and their benefits as described by the company:

Datacolor 200R: measures color samples using a spectrophotometer to formulate colors. The countertop system provides color measurement, formulation, and correction with the ability to match across any texture. The system utilizes Datacolor’s proprietary SP2000 technology, capturing the true spectral fingerprint of any color at the highest possible accuracy.

Datacolor 20D: portable version of the 200R, providing highly accurate sample measurement in any location.

Datacolor PAINT 2.0: a paint matching software solution which offers best in class formulation accuracy while using an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface. The lab-quality matching capabilities enable you to find the right color for your customer faster, but also formulate that color with greater accuracy—improving customer satisfaction and minimizing re-tints.

ColorReader and ColorReaderPRO: ColorReader is a new pro-grade color measurement tool designed to help customers find, coordinate, save, and share colors from their color collections. The device is a low cost, ultra-portable, Bluetooth® connected, color selection device, allowing professionals and DIYers to precisely identify colors of paint and everyday objects across color collections. Independent from a color matching system, it works in conjunction with the free ColorReader mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. With industry-leading performance of greater than 94%, the ColorReader saves time compared to using a traditional color search with a fan deck or color card.

Learn more at ColorReader.Datacolor.com.


I Want to Learn it Now

Good point! Why put down a great magazine to go online and get distracted by kittens and politics when there’s information literally at your fingertips? Let’s devote some space to letting Datacolor explain how its ColorReader can help:

“Along with helping consumers as we mentioned previously, it also can help your contractors as well. You can sell ColorReader to your pro-painters to help identify color instantly, on-site, which saves them time and money. The device can help contractors differentiate themselves through the use of professional technology, helping them stand out to their clients. It’s up to you to decide how you want to offer the ColorReader to your customers.

TPD columnist Mark Lipton, President of Tremont Paint in Bronx, NY, is an advocate for ColorReader. “It’s more than just a gadget. It’s a smart device for retailers and contractors that simplifies the color matching process, saving time and money—which is a success story right there,” he said. “When a contractor gets a call to repaint a facility like a school or hospital, a lot of time gets wasted trying to match colors. Cutting out a piece of drywall, fumbling around with color fandecks—these are all time-consuming efforts…and it’s not like I have to ‘sell’ my customers on the ColorReader. I show them how it works, they try it for themselves, and that’s it!”

Plus it’s small and easy to use! “The pocket-sized ColorReader device can be placed against a surface to determine the paint color match from a library of color collections, whether it be an existing paint color you’re looking to match, a pillow, or a piece of fabric that is serving as the inspiration for a new paint job,” said Susan Bunting. “Simply tap the button on the Bluetooth-connected ColorReader mobile app and you’ll see the top three results in seconds for the best match to thousands of colors. The mobile app gives you the ability to change matching color collections, coordinate colors, build palettes, and save and share projects.”

Better yet, she says, it almost always works the first time. “ColorReader sets itself apart with a first shot success rate of greater than or equal to 94%, ensuring you get color right the first time, and eliminates the need for searching through fan decks,” she continued. “Since it is not paint brand-specific, you can use it for whatever brand you carry and even customize it to only show results from the collections your store stocks, in addition to store branding options.

“Successful businesses need to anticipate customer needs and embrace innovations that streamline work and improve efficiency, both for the retailer and its customers. Ensuring contractors have the supplies and tools to keep them at the top of their business is how retailers can set themselves apart and adding ColorReader to your product offerings helps do just that. Additionally, Datacolor’s new reseller program for the ColorReader allows retailers to deliver the latest, best technology to their customers, while reaping the financial benefits,” Bunting concluded.


Get in Touch

To get ColorReader or any of the other products mentioned above you can contact Datacolor directly; these products come directly from the company as opposed to a specific paint company. However, paint companies have the option to co-brand and distribute the ColorReader family of products to their customers and through their sales channels. Each of these tools will work with the major paint brands and their paint collections, allowing you to customize your color matching and formulation to the specific collections you stock. Best of all worlds, tell the company what’s on your shelves, and they’ll find a way to help out.

“Above all else, Datacolor prides itself on manufacturing technology that provides the most accurate first shot color matching on the market,” said Bunting. “Take, for example, Datacolor PAINT 2.0, which provides 30 percent greater efficiency in first shot matching than competitive POS products.”

Got a question? Eventually you might, but you’re afraid to call because who has from 7 am to 10 to sit on the phone listening to how important your call is to people who won’t talk to you? Datacolor promises to deliver first-class customer service and support. “Retailers’ success goes beyond technology, something Datacolor fully understands and delivers with performance monitoring, employee education/training, application support, hardware service and even comprehensive retail services to support your paint department,” said Bunting.


Measure and Control

“Color matching services for retail paint include measuring and controlling, formulation and visual assessment,” Susan told us. We’re sure that’s all great stuff, but sometimes when you get into “terms,” people stop paying attention. So we want to make sure everyone’s on the same page (which means stay on this page for now!).

In a nutshell, these services make it easier for you to provide color help and matching. “These solutions take the guesswork out of color matching and formulation, ensuring accurate, repeatable results that can’t be achieved by simply ‘eyeing up’ a color sample,” said Bunting.

So, here ya go:

Measure: Find the closest or exact color of a sample and generate a digital signature for the color; for example, a customer comes to you with a color sample. You can use the ColorReader or ColorReaderPro to identify the closest color in a fan deck, or using the Datacolor 200R, for an exact color match.

Formulate: Using a color sample’s digital signature, create the “recipe” to recreate the color as paint. For example, once the paint color match is found using the Datacolor 200R, the digital signature for the color is processed by the Datacolor PAINT 2.0 software, which generates the exact measurements and tints required to dispense the corresponding paint.

Direct to dispense: Using Datacolor’s Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), Dispenser or Paint manufacture company can connect their software/electronic formula book directly with the ColorReader. For example, if a store staff member uses the ColorReaderPro to look up a sample’s closest color, then they can connect the device to their Datacolor Paint software or their dispenser software to dispense the corresponding paint without having to manually type in the paint number or formula.


Hold that Line!

From here, the company wants you to know that they’re there to help and they won’t hang up on you if you call after they have your money. “Our relationship with retailers doesn’t end with a completed sale,” Bunting promises. “We pride ourselves on becoming lifelong partners who understand your business. Our products, including the

ColorReader and ColorReaderPRO, come with Datacolor’s industry-renown color technology expertise and support, such as in-store demonstrations, marketing materials and ongoing person-to-person assistance. We’re here to help ensure your success, and that absolutely extends to your bottom line. As such, we’ve created a reseller program that rewards you. Orders of five or more come at a discounted price, helping to bolster your proceeds.” datacolor.com