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You’ll Flip for Retique It

by Michele Corwin, CEO, Renaissance Innovations, LLC



There are very few times a product has changed my life. However, this product has changed mine and it can change yours by taking your furniture flipping business to a much higher level. I believe in it so much that my husband and I have partnered with its creator to offer it to the public. I wish I’d had this magical substance when I first started flipping furniture because I could have made a ton of money with it. So, here’s my little insider’s tip—try Retique It! Here’s why…

Retique It is a patented revolutionary new coating made with real wood. There is nothing like it on the market right now. It’s basically liquid wood that you can paint on almost any hard surface. Available in different shades of wood color, you can paint it on plastic, glass, cement…you name it, you can paint it! Best of all you can use it on previously painted furniture and cabinets. That’s right…no sanding or stripping off the old paint! You just paint it, stain it, and then seal it after the stain dries. That’s basically it—just three main steps.

The awesome part is that you’ll be able to turn almost anything you want into a gorgeous wood finish. It looks and feels like wood because it is wood. Retique It is a new breakthrough science that incorporates real wood into a water-based paint that will actually absorb stain the same way that unfinished wood does. It’s so much better than veneer and is as durable as the sealer that you choose to use. You can take a white dresser or table top and turn it into a deep dark walnut finish, a drift wood look, or even a beautiful stained grey.

The possibilities are endless.

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