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Is it magic, or just great technology?

Every once in a while we like to let you know about some of the developments in the industry that aren’t your mainstream paints, abrasives, stains, and the like. On occasions like this, we reach out to our friends who we know are making interesting products, we round ’em all up, and…yeehaw! (That’s why it’s a “roundup.”) In this article you’ll find awesome developments in the specialty coatings sector. From odor eliminating paint to technically advanced decorative coatings, you’re sure to find something that makes you think, “Why aren’t I selling this?!” Our manufactures are really excited about these products—give ’em a call and try for yourself!


Dyco: A Powerful Grip

Israel Gutman, technical director at Sun Coatings, talks about Dyco Tuff Grip Bonding Primer.


For one, how Tuff is this Grip?
Dyco Tuff Grip Bonding Primer was designed to adhere to precoated concrete. In the past, the use of silicone acrylic paints on concrete driveways was very popular and common, but the ability of conventional latex paints to satisfactorily adhere to these solvent based paints became challenging. This gave rise to the need for a bonding primer for use between the coating layers.

When do you use it?
Dyco Tuff Grip can be used on all previously coated or uncoated masonry surfaces to achieve excellent adhesion between the coated layers.

What specialty will people notice?
They’ll notice that Tuff Grip Bonding Primer is vastly different than most primers! It was designed to adhere to very challenging substrates while promoting and maintaining excellent surface tension for a newly applied coating. Your customer will notice that the new coating applies smoothly and coats the surface evenly with little to no brush or roller marks. Through its greatly enhanced adhesive characteristics, the product will last longer and repel moisture more effectively.

Do you have any stories on how its special powers saved the day?
While there have been numerous success stories regarding Tuff Grip, the most amazing instance is with a customer who experienced problems with an epoxy coated garage floor. This application was extremely difficult since the epoxy floor was over 10 years old. After careful cleaning and preparation, the customer was able to apply Tuff Grip to his floor prior to recoating with a two-component epoxy.

That’s some amazing stuff, thanks!
All in a days’ work.


ECOBOND OdorDefender: The Power to Eliminate

Ecobond® Paint, LLC is the premier provider of environmental products focused on protecting human health from the dangers of lead, smoke & odor, says Eric Heronema, product manager. It’s new OdorDefender was launched several weeks ago, so be the first on your block to put it in stock!


Hey Eric, what makes it special?
Ecobond OdorDefender™ is a revolutionary breakthrough and innovative new technology: the best smoke odor eliminator product in the market today!
It is a professional-grade eco-friendly, odor-blocking paint designed for sealing and blocking dangerous odors and fumes from the effects of cigarette smoke, pot smoke, fire, meth, and even pet odors. It substantially improves indoor air quality. Because odors are sealed and blocked, it gives the very best protection for your customers’ children and family!

How can it help save time and money?
It helps save time because it is a specialty paint that can be rolled, sprayed, etc. Commercial contractors can save money by using this lower priced option compared to extensive construction work when dealing with smoke damage from cigarette, pot, or fire. Apartment managers save money when preparing units for the next renter when there are smoke issues to cover up.

Why is this development so important?
Over time, pollutants and odors from tobacco and marijuana, as well as pet odors, collect and concentrate on surfaces. This creates an unpleasant and potentially unsafe indoor air quality condition and could cause significant health risks. There is recent research from the National Institute of Health, that found that these toxic brews, called ThirdHand Smoke, can re-emit into the air and recombine to form harmful compounds that remain at high levels even if no one has smoked for a long time. You can ignore it, cover it up with standard paint (a minimal benefit), or apply a coating like ours, uniquely formulated to seal, block, absorb, and capture odors, fumes, and chemical pollutants. Please note that this paint is designed for walls, not for fabric or furniture.

What differences will people notice?
This is an advanced formulation with specialty resins, food-grade mineral additives, and alginate from seaweed; nature’s most effective absorber of toxic pollutants. This powerful combination gives you the peace of mind that your odor issues will be sealed and blocked, while protecting the health of your children, family and occupants!

Can you give us a few selling points?
How kind of you to ask, please see below!

Lowest Price: Typically a revolutionary new breakthrough causes the price to be high, but because OdorDefender™ uses a proprietary specialty formulation, we have been able to provide it to you at a lower price! This formulation includes resins, food-grade mineral additives, and alginate from seaweed; nature’s most effective absorber of toxic pollutants. Wouldn’t you want to cover, block, and seal all offensive odors with an easy all-in-one solution? OdorDefender is more than “just paint!”

Best Performance: Ecobond OdorDefender is not “just a primer” either. We are a professional-grade, eco-friendly, advanced odor-blocking paint specially designed for sealing and blocking dangerous odors and lingering fumes resulting from the secondary effects of cigarette, marijuana, fire, meth and other drugs, as well as pet and other annoying odors and numerous other indoor air pollutants. Other products cannot seal and block, thus exposing you to the potentially harmful effects of thirdhand smoke as noted above

Specialty Formulation: This proprietary formulation includes resins, food-grade mineral additives, and as mentioned, alginate from seaweed; nature’s most effective absorber of toxic pollutants.

Value-Added Features: Ecobond OdorDefender has been tested and proven to be an ASTM E84 Fire Resistant Class A Coating with ASTM D5590 Mold & Mildew resistance and is rated with low VOC’s (Less than 20g/L). ecobondlbp.com


Nationwide Coatings’ Permasil: The Power of Cool

Nationwide Protective Coatings has developed PERMASIL, an Elastomeric Acrylic Silicone coating for extra waterproofing protection and a 12 year warranty.

How much can a quality cool roof coating save in energy?
A study at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory has considered many variables. In studies done in selected major cities, our insulating and reflective coatings can create an equivalent additional R-Value [the capacity of insulating material to resist heat flow] between 7.59 – 17.05. For more information regarding the Equivalent Additional R-Value that you can achieve using our Energy Saving Reflective Roof Coatings, visit the lab at ornl.gov and click on the calculator tool to input the necessary information of the heating/cooling unit and the specified roof coating.

It’s not new science that black absorbs heat and white repels it, so how come this didn’t happen sooner?
During the Obama administration, Steven Chu was appointed as the US Secretary of Energy. He had mentioned how to combat climate change—that coating our roofs as well as pavements would reflect a lot of the sunlight back into space, making it cooler on the ground. Our company tried to contact the appropriate the people to help with this new movement, but we never had any success getting in contact with them.

Do the coatings work better in conjunction with some specific type of wall coatings?
Yes, the better insulated your home is, the more effective insulation you will receive from our insulating ceramic interior/exterior paints and our wall and roof coatings

Who is using the product?
We target contractors as our main focus. Commercial accounts, painters, and homeowners also contact us.

I want more information and I want it now! What can I do?
You can access information as well see videos of our products in use on our brand new website. We also offer Cool Colors Ultraviolet Reflective and Fade Resistant Pigments. You can use that fan deck (below) to see the different color options; custom color matching is also available. Check out products such as Enviro-3000, Enviro-4000, Ceramic Shield, Ceramic force, Ultra Clear, and many more. We’ll help you find the right one to help your customers!



EVO: The Power of One

EVOpaint promises the special power of one coat coverage. Tony Margani, executive VP, sales & marketing, explains—it’s not magic, it’s technology!


Hi Tony, how about you give us a quick pitch?
We have two different products to tell you about. EVOpaint™ Repaint & EVOpaint Drywall contain the most advanced technology in decorative paint! EVOpaint (never a primer or 2nd coat over painted and new drywall) is a product line with real life practical benefits. Adaptable and lean, it delivers what consumers and retailers have been asking for.

Time, money…can it save one, or both?
Retailers get an in-demand technology through a simplified paint system with low upfront costs, high margins, and high turnover rate. Consumers realize maximum savings in labor, time, and material. Because you can never paint less than one-coat, the independent channel and its customers have reached the apex
of value.

Where do you use it…or not?
EVOpaint Repaint can be used in any interior project where the walls are painted, but it should not be used on new drywall.

EVOpaint Drywall is the opposites, it can be applied in any interior project where there is new drywall, but not on unpainted walls.

What differences will customers notice?
You can apply it just like any other paint. EVOpaint Self-Build Technology™ is adapted to how retailers and customers understand and use paint, so no learning curve or special equipment is required.
• In the short term, retailers and customers realize maximum cost savings.
• In the long term, you’ll see increased frequency of repainting with more paint purchased more often from local independents.
• The DIY segment keeps the savings or spends it by hiring painters who now can bid and compete on projects using a real product advantage, scale up their business with the employees they have, and move on to the next job at the fastest possible rate.
• You’ll get customers who defected to the big boxes coming back to you, and you’ll see your paint and sundry sales increase.

So, to sum up…
Our product’s Self-Build Technology™ rescues the independent channel and its customers every day in a $13 billion paint segment. Its superpower is simplicity, through which the true value of paint and painting is unlocked.

It is the most advanced technology in decorative paint and can never be benchmarked.