Prime Coat—May, 2018

By Hans Mugler,

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What Happens in Vegas WOWs in Vegas

Well, another information-packed edition of the National Hardware Show and Lancaster Distributing show is in the books. We saw all sorts of great new products whose makers are looking to vie for space on your store shelves. While it’s true that some of the new products we saw in Vegas were redesigns of products that have been on the market before, that is not to say that they weren’t worth looking at because they definitely had some noteworthy tweaks. Now, just like every May Wrap-Up issue for TPD, we are ready to talk about what WOWed us at NHS and Lancaster in 2018…

ShurTech Technologies showed us its newest tape line, T-Rex® “Ferociously Strong” Tape, and every contractor should carry at least one roll of it in their truck or tool box. This tape WOWed us during a demonstration where the brand’s Brute Force™ Tape was used to lift about 700 lbs. Now you might not need a tape that can lift such a heavy load, but its great to know you’ve got it in a pinch.

As the company states, whether you’re sealing, repairing, or holding a utility cover in place, T-Rex Tape can accomplish all of your extreme DIY projects on your seasonal to-do list, and even those tougher tasks that happen in between. This extra-wide, ferociously strong duct tape offers better coverage when protecting, supporting, repairing, holding, or sealing materials while letting you get more done with less strips of tape, saving time and money. Whether it’s around the home or on the job site, T-Rex Tape will hold longer and stronger than regular duct tape. This makes it ideal for any project, big or small. T-Rex Tape can be found as an extremely durable and tough duct tape product, as a packaging tape, as a clear, all-weather repair tape, and as an indoor/outdoor mounting tape.

From Advanced Wood Paint LLC comes Wood Genie™, a product so revolutionary we were able to paint a very realistic wood finish and stain onto a clear piece of plexiglass, and when we were finished, no one could look at it and tell you it wasn’t real wood…WOW! The great folks we met at NHS, James and Michele Corwin, tell us that Wood Genie is a patented new product that takes all the time-consuming prep work out of achieving a stained wood finish.

Wood Genie is a liquid wood coating, and you can use it to turn virtually any hard surface into unfinished wood…ready to be stained. Wood Genie can be applied using an inexpensive paint brush or paint sprayer by professionals and DIYer’s alike, and cleanup is as easy as using soap and water.

Another product that WOWed us came from Prima Marketing, “where memories are created.” The ladies at the booth were just as nice as could be, and their products were unique to us. Prima is home to Re-Design, a new and fresh way to decorate your living space through wall transfers, moulds and decor stamps. Prima takes it to a higher level of quality! Want some beautiful decorations added to your homes woodwork, furniture, or crown moulding? Choose your products from Re-Design with Prima. Want some truly unique stepping stones for your garden? Re-Design with Prima has the paver moulds and stencils for DIYers and pros alike. Whatever memories you want to create, Prima Marketing has the moulds, stencils and designs to fit your every need!

The last product from NHS main show floor that really WOWed us was the Cooldanna® Headband from ZANheadgear®. If you ever work outdoors, especially in the heat of summer, this product is a must-have! (Surely you know a few painters who work outside.) As the company tells us, the Cooldanna offers hours of cooling relief for hot conditions once the safe non-toxic cooling crystals are activated with water. Cooldanna can be worn around the head or neck and reused multiple times, plus it has a reusable bag included for on the go use, and one size fits all. It’s not a bandana, it’s a Cooldanna, and there is no reason to be a sweaty mess when you can simply be COOL!

At the Inventor’s Section of NHS, we always find some great new products, and this year was no different. This is where we stumbled upon an old friend, Adrienne Melton, promoting Packaging Service Company’s new product, Workman’s Friend. It guards against skin irritants, and keeps grease, paint, stain, glue and plant oils from sticking to your hands, while it moisturizes, heals and protects…WOW!

This product is a superior barrier skin cream that lets you wipe off dirt and grime, and while there are similar products on the market, nothing we have found does what this product can do! Workmen’s Friend is non-greasy, non-toxic, odorless, and safe for all skin types, and it works like protective gloves without having to wear them!

Also in the Inventor’s Section was Roller Ready, a roller-cleaning product that can clean your roller cover…in seconds! Invented by a painter for painters, Roller Ready is available in four different models to clean everything from mini-roller covers up to 18” long professional roller covers. Roller Ready products will sell, and your customers will save money using them. With products for the DIYer and the pro, Roller Ready pops into your electric drill, place the paint-filled roller cover on it, put it into a bucket of water, turn the drill on and watch the paint or stain stream out of the roller cover immediately, ending with a completely clean cover in just seconds! WOW!

Pros know throwing away a roller cover they have only used once or twice is a huge waste of money. Roller Ready products solve that issue, extending the life of your contractors’ favorite roller covers. It’s fast and easy to use, eliminates messy paint cleanup, saves time and money, stores easily in a toolbox or drawer, is durable and long lasting and is environmentally friendly.

Another product to keep your eyes out for is the BlueTaper, an advanced taping and caulking tool that your customers are going to want to have! The BlueTaper’s patented design lets you make straight paint edges and perfect caulk beads like no tool before. It’s fast and accurate, giving great results and reduced headaches. It works left-handed or right-handed, even if you are taping right, left or up or down, and it cuts the tape for you at the right length every time! Plus, it works with virtually all standard width blue painters tape. If your customers need help taping or attempting to lay down a straight caulk bead as much as most folks do, this will grab their attention because it does the job and is super easy to use!

Lastly, we want to give a big shout out to Benjamin Moore’s Jeff Spillane. Jeff has been with the Montvale, NJ company for DECADES, so it is with heavy heart we bid a fond farewell to Jeff as he is retiring from Ben Moore, but he’s not leaving the industry—Jeff is starting J.T. Spillane Consulting, and there is a pretty good chance you will be hearing from him in our pages in the future. Jeff has been a fierce proponent of our magazines and a great friend and confidant. Want to talk to a straight shooter? Talk to Jeff Spillane. Want to know the buzz in the industry? Talk to Jeff. Want to know more about paint than you ever thought possible? Jeff is the man! Mugler Publications, Inc. wishes Jeff Spillane the best of everything in his future endeavor!