FrogTape’s 2018 Design Trends

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Taniya Nayak,
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  Six Ways to Spruce it Up

A lot of folks might think it’s unusual that a painter’s tape manufacturer shares yearly design trends, but great ideas are great ideas wherever they come from. Plus, these ideas should “stick!” To help inspire customers just like yours, Taniya Nayak, a nationally known interior designer, has once again teamed up with FrogTape® brand painter’s tape from ShurTech to share her top home design trends for 2018.

Nayak became well-known as a design expert on HGTV and the Food Network. She owns a Boston-based interior design firm, Taniya Nayak Design LLC, where she adds a fresh, clean look to both commercial and residential spaces. As you’ll see, FrogTape can come in very handy when creating some of these designs. (Remember, it’s all about the project approach.)

Nayak shared six trends to help your customers transform their homes, along with tips on how to integrate them into upcoming décor projects:



Customers can turn their home into a tropical escape —or hire one of your best painters to do it for them! Adding floral or banana leaf accents can create a staycation-worthy “at-home paradise” no matter the temperature. Nayak suggests pairing pops of metallic gold with plush greens and crisp white to build a look that is sophisticated, yet fun and exotic.


Simple to The Max

“Go big or go home…in the simplest way imaginable,” she encourages. Layer multiple patterns on top of one another on smaller décor items, like pillows, for a look that combines clean and chaos.

If layering patterns is too extensive for your customers, another facet of this trend focuses on bold statements with monochromatic colors. A simple way to accomplish this is to start with a bright white wall. Paint baseboards, trim, or window mullions a dramatic contrasting color, like black, for an effortless, yet powerful effect. Here’s where FrogTape comes in. When it comes to achieving clean, sharp paint lines, one of Nayak’s vital, go-to tools is a premium painter’s tape such as FrogTape painter’s tape. Treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, FrogTape Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface tapes are a great way to get professional-looking results and eliminate the need for touch-ups.


Faux Natural

Nayak’s inspiration behind this trend is the subtle patterns created by nature’s textures—think wood grain, geodes, or ocean waves. One way to do this is using earthy tones like browns, beiges, and deep blues combined with vibrant neon colors to generate the effect of the northern lights around the home. Faux bois, or faux wood grain, is a paint treatment that can help weave this trend into a room.

Take a table and apply a neon paint color with a faux wood rubber tool—time to stock up on faux wood rubber tools! Then add in a roll of FrogTape so customers can tape off a cool design to bring the project to the next level. “The neon paint enhances the natural beauty of a simple wood grain,” says Nayak. “It’s all about the magic of introducing an unnatural looking element into a very neutral and natural setting.”


Back to the Future

“What’s old is now new, and better than ever before,” says Nayak. She suggests painting a vintage chair with a pop of color to create an eye-catching masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into both retro and modern home décor. Introducing vibrant colors to antiques produces a beautiful new spin on a classic look.


Made with Love

Creating customized warm and cozy spaces is “in” this year, she says, and great for customers who want to cozy up their décor with a personal touch.

Painting an accent wall in a pastel color like lavender will set a relaxed and comforting tone to the room. “From there,” she suggests, “add a soft woven blanket, a macramé wall hanging, or ivory plates on a wall to transform just any room to your room.” Small or hand-crafted personal touches like these make this a livable and lovable trend that embraces the imperfectly perfect.


New England Preppy

As a true New Englander, Nayak is all about this one. “This style embraces the timeless combination of crisp white linens and navy blues, but what really gives a room an authentic New England vibe is the addition of a camel-colored leather décor accent,” she says.

Easy ways to incorporate this trend into a home include adding monogrammed pillows to a leather accent chair or whitewashing a brick fireplace, creating a look that will never go out of style.