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By Jerry Rabushka,

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Photo courtesy of Armstrong Clark

Premium Exterior Coatings

If you’re going to put on a premium coating, you should probably dress for it. Get out your tux, pull on your best designer clothing, your finest jewelry and watch, and start dipping into your bucket! Or maybe just an old t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts will do. Whatever it is, if you’re going to talk your customers into spending more on a top-notch coating, you need to have some top-notch reasons why they should—so we asked: what differences will a homeowner, a facility owner, or a pro painter notice about these products? Another good selling point we asked everyone to discuss: pay a little more now, but save a lot more later! And we’ve got more than paint on tap, because if a home’s exterior deserves the best, and so does its driveway, roof, deck, birdhouse, and mailbox.

Tops of the Top

Let’s start up top, with Black Jack® Infinity Silicone Roof Coating. We put our questions to Yvette Rubenzer, marketing director at Gardner-Gibson, makers of the Black Jack brand.

What makes it the very best? Black Jack Infinity Silicone Roof Coating is formulated to stop leaks and deliver superior waterproofing protection, even withstanding ponding water which can cause ordinary roof coatings to deteriorate. It dries to a bright white finish, which reflects heat to keep the roof surface cooler. A cool roof can reduce heat transfer so that people inside the building are cooler and more comfortable.

What differences will a homeowner or building owner notice? Most importantly, no more leaks! They will also notice a cooler roof surface, which can translate into less heat gain into buildings. Building owners comment not only on how much cooler the building feels, but they also notice that the AC systems don’t have to work as hard. This “cooling effect” can translate into energy savings with lower utility bills.

What will a painter notice? Besides being easy to apply with standard painting tools, Black Jack Infinity Silicone offers some great advantages compared to other roof coatings. Not only is it rain-safe in 60 minutes, it also can be applied at a wider temperature range than many other coating types. This extends application seasons earlier into spring and later into fall while giving the applicator more flexibility during rainy season.

Sure it costs more now, but what will it save in the long run? It can be applied in one coat, saving on time and labor. It also last two to three times longer than traditional coatings, so building owners will enjoy a very long-term cost effective roof.


Don’t Be Jealous

Who wouldn’t envy a perfect paint job, green or not? Nate Hardy at Kelly-Moore Paints told us about the company’s Envy, an all-around exterior coating.What makes it the very best? Advanced application characteristics and hide in a long lasting 100% acrylic formulation mak

e Envy stand apart from similar positioned products in the market.

What will a homeowner or building owner notice? They will notice the even, consistent look and enjoy extended repaint cycles due to the longevity of the product.

What characteristics will a painter notice? Painters will notice exceptional hide, smooth application, good touch up, and great adhesion to multiple substrates.

How does paying more now save later? With Envy’s outstanding application characteristics, painters can complete jobs more quickly, allowing them to save labor dollars. Owners will enjoy the long term look and durability that allows for lengthy repaint cycles and lower overall costs.

Easy Rollers

Armstrong-Clark’s Brian Carter is new to our pages, and he’s got a variety of reasons why you should try out his deck stain—this is his (and our) chance to introduce the product line to folks who aren’t familiar with it.

What makes it the very best? There are a number of ways Armstrong-Clark wood stains stand out in the market place. The first is how easy our stain is to use. You can apply it in 110° direct sunlight, walk in it while applying, not have to worry about flashing or shiners, apply it to wood with up to 20% moisture, and expose it to rain 60 minutes after it absorbs into the wood. You do not need to strip it or sand it before a maintenance coat, and you do not have to wipe it during application. It is formulated for a single coat application, but in some circumstances such as aged decks, a second coat can be applied wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry.

The second big difference in how we are unique in the marketplace is that you get two layers of protection with a single application. Once our stain is applied, our two types of oils start separating. The non-drying side of the formula penetrates deep into the wood to rejuvenate and condition wood fibers. The drying layer separates to the top providing a barrier (not a film) to protect the non-drying oils. The barrier keeps the non-drying oils from floating out in rain or snow melt, getting pulled out quicker with traffic, or even breaking down with UV exposure.

What differences will a homeowner or building owner notice? The first thing they will notice is how easy it is to apply and work with. A few years later they will be thankful that they do not need to strip, sand, or both.

What differences will a painter notice? A painter can typically expect to get 200 square feet per gallon on a deck, maybe a little more, unless the wood has been neglected. The other big thing for contractors is that if they have some novice painters on crew, they have less stress because the “newbies” can make mistakes that will either correct themselves or are easier to correct than mistakes with other stains.What will it save in the long run? Customers can expect long term savings. If they are using a stain that requires stripping, they would save the cost of the stripping and brightening chemicals. If the product requires sanding, they can save that time and money as well.

With Armstrong-Clark stains you can make your own cleaners for pennies on the dollar, or buy single step cleaners at a store. In circumstances where two coats are applied on the initial application, a single coat is typically all that is needed down the road. Also, 95% of what is applied stays with the wood. That means you have significantly more protection long term than with many other stains that may be only 50% or even 65% solids.

Can I get a good-better-best assortment? We do not make different-quality stain lines. We have one high quality formula. The only thing different between our colors is the color and type of pigment, and the amount of pigment. One formula also works for all applications whether it is a deck, fence, log home, wood siding, doc, arbor, or some other exterior wood application.

With all these benefits, you shouldn’t have to strong arm your customers into trying Armstrong-Clark.


In Timely Fashion

Jenny Burroughs, PPG senior product marketing manager, filled us in on what’s coming out of Pittsburgh.

What product do you have on tap? PPG Paints™ Timeless® exterior paint, with 100 percent acrylic resin, provides a high film build and a durable bond in one coat. (One coat coverage only when tinted to colors specified for PPG Timeless exterior paints.)The product is a paint and primer in one. It bridges cracks, provides mold

and mildew resistance on the dry paint film, and can be applied in temperatures down to 35°F. It can also be used on aluminum, architectural plastic, composite, fiber, cement, vinyl and wood siding and trim.

What makes it the very best? This premium exterior paint incorporates PPG’s industry-leading coatings innovation and expertise, trusted not only on airplanes, cars, consumer electronics, submarines and space shuttles in the harshest conditions, but also trusted by professional painters for more than 130 years.

PPG Timeless’ UV protection, provides excellent fade resistance and protection for the surface. The tough finish provides exceptional resistance to chipping, flaking and cracking. It resists mold, mildew and algae on dry paint film. Features include:
• Ideal for use on a variety of exterior surfaces.
• Outstanding hiding, coverage, and durability.
• Excellent fade resistance.
• Exceptional resistance to chipping, flaking, and cracking.
• High build formula hides minor surface imperfections.
• Approximately 250 to 300 square feet of coverage per can.
• Customer satisfaction guarantee.
• 100% acrylic formula.

What differences will a homeowner or building owner notice? The will benefit from the outstanding hide and coverage and the high build feature to minimize surface imperfections. The long-term benefits include durability, excellent fade resistance and resistance to chipping, flaking and cracking.

What differences will a painter notice? With the outstanding hide and coverage and the high build feature to minimize surface imperfections, professional painters can anticipate high performance during product application using. Color matching accuracy, durability and a beautifully finished project can be expected when using PPG products.

Sure it costs more, but how will it save money in the long run? No one should assume the most expensive gallon of paint is the right paint for each customer. A painter will naturally gravitate towards a product that saves time because time is money.

PPG Paints Timeless exterior paint is durable, can be applied faster, and lasts longer, benefiting both commercial and residential customers. We always recommend to painters that they identify the owner’s needs first and then fit them with the appropriate paint.


An Epic Finish

Nate Hardy is back with us, this time to talk about Kelly-Moore’s Epic.

What makes it the very best? It’s an alkyd with all the benefits of a user-friendly waterborne formulation. The use of a urethane modified alkyd resin makes Epic stand apart by providing an alkyd look and weather benefits of a urethane.

What differences will a homeowner or building owner notice? They will notice the self-leveling, smooth look and enjoy excellent durability with little to no yellowing that is often common with the competitor’s products.

What differences will a painter notice? Epic maintains excellent workability when applied, minimizing rework and saving time and labor.

Sure it costs more, but what will it save? Similar to Envy, Epic’s outstanding application characteristics allow painters to complete jobs more quickly, which saves labor dollars. Owners will enjoy the long term look and durability that allows for lengthy repaint cycles and lower overall costs.


Tuff Luck Is Good Luck

Gotta start somewhere, and a primer is a great place to get going. Since some customers may be unfamiliar with painting concrete and asphalt, this is the perfect place to start. Israel Gutman, technical director at Dyco Paints, answers our questions regarding Dyco Tuff Grip Bonding Coat.

What makes it the very best? Think of Dyco Tuff Grip Bonding Coat as a utility player for priming horizontal surfaces. As a superior bonding primer, Tuff Coat penetrates, fortifies, and prepares a variety of surfaces from bare and painted concrete to asphalt. It is a great alternative to acid etching.

What differences will a homeowner or building owner notice? The great thing about Dyco Tuff Grip Bonding Coat is what a building owner won’t notice. Tuff Grip sets the stage for a top coat that will look better and last longer.

What differences will a painter notice? Happy people! Tuff Coat is an easy one-coat application with a solvent resistant roller, so applicators are satisfied. And customers will be happy with their long lasting coating.

Will it save money in the long run? It will save money right now, too! Tuff Grip Bonding Coat is competitively priced!


Back Up Top

Anvil Paints & Coatings manufactures a series of Roof-Tec Products and backs all these products with a warranty. Below, the company describes a key product in the line, 7700 Roof-Tec Elastomeric Roof Coating.

What makes it the best? This product’s beautiful white finish stays brighter much longer than comparable products because it contains a fungicide to resist mildew growth.

What will a painter notice? Contractors will notice the superior bridging of this coating over seams and small separations. 7700 Roof-Tec also contains interlocking fibers that increase its ability to withstand weather damage.
Will it save money in the long run? A white roof coating not only beautifies the property, it can also make the roof stay up to 50ºF cooler, which lowers heat buildup and reduces air conditioning costs (source:

What else is should we know? 7700 is a perfect application for mobile home roof protection. Please note that all roofs must have adequate pitch in order to accomodate 7700.

Tell us about the company for unfamiliar readers: Based in Largo, Florida, Anvil Paints & Coatings began in 1967 with a single roof coating product and quickly began expanding to include additional paint and coating goods. Over the past 50 years, the company has improved and developed additional high-quality elastomeric roofing products for the professional contractor that reflect its position as a leader in the coatings industry. Today, Anvil is proud to be a part of the John R. Burt Enterprises family where the tradition continues.


It Holds On

Richard’s Paint gave us information on two high-level products: a primer and an exterior coating…because as we all know, the paint job is only as good as the surface you put it on, so the better the primer…well, you can probably finish it from here.

Richard’s Holzon 36 Waterborne Bonding Primer provides the ultimate adhesion, stain blocking, toughness and finish quality for a painting project. Adhesive-like properties allow it to bond to hard-to-paint surfaces such as glazed tile, glass, glazed block, fiberglass, Formica, factory finished steel and aluminum, PVC, gloss paint, aluminum, and galvanized metal Excellent leveling and enamel holdout make this primer an ideal choice for priming and repainting cabinets, doors, trim, railings, and virtually all vertical surfaces, inside and out.

Dreaming of Eternity

For exterior performance, the company encourages you to stock up on 220 Eternity High Performance Exterior Coating. Richard’s Eternity comes with a lifetime warranty for residential applications and 10-year labor and material warranties for commercial applications. This high performance, high-build coating bridges hairline cracks, protects against water intrusion, and has a thick buttery consistency that goes on like a dream.