Be Safe Around the Bear

By Jerry Rabushka,

  Filed under: Feature

Environmentally safe and friendly products aren’t exactly new, better yet they’re getting even safer and friendlier. When it comes to paint stripping, well…you could tell customers you have quite the product on your hands. “When demoing our product, we regularly place a dollop of the stripper on the back of our hands to show how safe it is,” said Scott Sarver, marketing coordinator at Franmar, makers of BLUE BEAR paint strippers and graffiti removers. “Most of the time people are astonished and comment, ‘I’d never do that with a paint stripper.’”

Sarver notes that lately customers are concerned with not only the impact a product will have on them, but on the environment as well, whether that impact comes from production of the product, safety considerations when using it, or long-term effects with regard to disposal and degradability. Sarver says a good selling point is to show customers that Blue Bear Paint & Urethane Stripper can ease their conscience and do the job effectively. “The product will remove nearly any coating: latex, enamels, polyurethanes, acrylics, most epoxies, and others,” he said. “This also benefits you as a retailer, because you can maximize shelf space by replacing multiple SKUs with a single product.”

These types of products have a reputation for costing more, but as with many higher priced products, patrons can save money in the long run, in this case by using less of it. “Certainly there are products that can be purchased at a lower cost per unit (quart, gallon, etc.), but customers will have to purchase three to four times as much to match the amount of stripping ‘potential’ in Blue Bear Paint & Urethane Stripper. Blue Bear has a long working time and will continue to soften coatings until the stripper is removed from the piece,” said Sarver. Often if the original stripper didn’t remove all the coating, an application of Blue Bear can finish the job.

How long it takes depends on what you’re taking off, he said. “It will remove some coatings within 5-10 minutes of application, but thicker, multi-layer coatings may need overnight. We recommend a small test area to determine the length of time needed. No matter how long it needs to work, it isn’t posing any health issues to the user or the environment and it doesn’t have any strong odors associated with it,” he concluded.