National Hardware Show—Booth Previews

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Stop by to get a look at these products and tell them you saw it in The Paint Dealer!

Information provided by the manufacturers.


Pour On the Floor
Lindar is a plastics thermoforming company, specializing in plastic paint trays, plastic paint tray liners and plastic wallpaper water trays since 1993. We offer a broad range of services from product/tool design, thin gauge thermoforming, high capacity manufacturing, secondary operations, labeling, fabricating, and assembly. New at the show are 18″ and 9″ plastic floor paint trays.


Board Meeting
Howard Products will have several products on display including its newest: Howard Cutting Board Cleaner, specially designed for cleaning wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden utensils, and countertops. Even the most dedicated painter needs to eat, and a DIYer doubly so! Now the entire cleaning, oiling, and conditioning process can be completed with products made from the same trusted manufacturer—Howard Products! Selling Howard Cutting Board Cleaner alongside our Cutting Board Oil and Butcher Block Conditioner gives your customers confidence that all three products will work together perfectly to provide a great way to take care of all wooden cutting surfaces. Stop by to see our complete product line, or to just say hello!


Coming To America
Premier Paint Roller will feature its new “Made in U.S.A.” professional paint brush line. Our Montauk™ paint brush is a blend of firm solid round tapered DuPont™ Tynex® and Orel® filament. This nylon/polyester blend is perfect for all interior or exterior painting projects and works with all water or oil based paints, stains and primers.

The Riverdale™ brush is an extra firm blend of DuPont Chinex® filament. It is perfect for lower VOC paints due to its maximum paint pickup and release and easy cleanup. It can be used with oil based paints, water based paints, stains, primers and polyurethanes.Our new CT Polyester Brushes are designed with soft filaments to allow paint to flow smoothly, leaving a fine finish. This polyester brush can be used with all water based paints, stains and primers. All brushes have hardwood handle and stainless steel ferrules. Available in all standard flat and angle sash sizes, hand chiseled for cutting in straight lines.


Roll With the Best
ArroWorthy will display a full line of Professional & DIY applicators brushes, rollers & accessories. Finultra, Red Frost, Rembrandt, Pro Tradesman & Tradesman series brushes. We will be featuring our new Professional ORO Brush series along with our new Barracuda Mini-Roller Jumbo Cage Program.


Blue Dolphin, Green Tape
Blue Dolphin will display a full line of abrasives and tapes. In abrasives we will be featuring our new Multi-Hole Fast Cutting & Non-Clogging Barracuda Hook n Loop Discs. In tapes we will introducing our new 7-day Green Masking Tape along with our new Barracuda Stucco Tape.


Main Squeeze
Linzer will display a full line of paint applicators brushes, rollers & accessories. We will be featuring our new professional packaging along with new Pro Edge Pad Painter Tools with Squeeze Release Technology.


The Razor’s Edge
Allway Tools, founded in 1935, takes pride in its innovative and func tion-focused product offerings and is confident its tools will enable your customers to work like a pro. Allway products are available through all major paint and hardware wholesalers. Come visit our booth to view our new items such as the BC5 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool and SEB100AD Single Edge Razor Blade Dispenser.


Harness the Energy
The Forearm Forklift Harness from A.A.C. Forearm Forklift is a must have for painters who have to move furniture and appliances to the middle or out of a room before interior walls can be painted. The contents of this product’s retail pack are two harnesses and two center straps that are adjustable so you can move furnishings of all sizes, no problem! On exterior work, Forearm Forklift Harness is great for moving hot tubs, sheds, etc.

This super-strong strap system encourages proper lifting techniques and employs leverage which makes the pieces you carry seem much, much lighter than they are. This tool saves floors from scratches, dents, scuffs and scrapes that dollies and hand trucks can leave behind. It also reduces back injuries typically associated with heavy and/or repetitive lifting. This strap system also comes in the color orange.


Anniversary Song
This year marks Mr. LongArm’s Diamond Jubilee Anniversary and we are proud to celebrate 60 years of helping customers finish up fast! We offer the largest selection of extension poles, attachments, and accessories including the award-winning Woodmates® stain applicator program. Designed specifically for wood staining, the Woodmates spectrum of tools can tackle all types of wooden surfaces the home pro may encounter. Woodmates’ tear-resistant foam pads hold and release more stain than other pads and remove easily via a hook and loop system, making clean-up a breeze. It’s wood staining…made simple. Stop by and help us celebrate serving you for sixty years!


Wisdom to Dispense
Santint, a manufacturer of paint mixers and dispensers, will feature its A+ 600/900 – 100% Recirculation Automatic Simultaneous Dispenser. It is the world’s first purge free simultaneous dispenser with up to 900 ml/minute/canister and a future machine for zero VOC colorants.


Take it to Extremes
T-Rex® brand products from ShurTech will exhibit two new “ferociously strong” products: T-Rex Extreme Tread Tape and T-Rex Waterproof Tape.

T-Rex Extreme Tread Tape is an extreme, industrial-grade, non-slip tread tape that improves surface traction to help prevent slips and accidents. Made with a multi-layer grit embedding process, the tape offers long-lasting grit and exceeds OSHA and ADA federal recommendations. In addition, the aggressive, long-lasting adhesive is weather resistant, with a performance temperature range of -40°F to +220°F., This makes it ideal for ladders, steps, walkways, and more.

T-Rex Waterproof Tape (photo, below) is the ideal high-performance tape for stopping active leaks, holding to wet surfaces, and even applying underwater. Utilizing innovative R-FLEX Technology™, the tape features a rubberized backing that allows it to stretch around tough bends and corners or be pushed into cracks and seams—ultimately creating extreme adhesion and a superior seal. Whether fixing a leaky drain pipe, patching a leak in a pool or other waterproofing repairs, T-Rex Waterproof Tape offers an aggressive high-tack adhesive and excellent all-weather performance—even in temperatures from -70°F to +200°F.

You can also examine other products in this line including T-Rex Tape, Clear Repair Tape, Packaging Tape and Mounting Tape.

Don’t forget to check out the ShurTech’s FrogTape brand products while you’re there!


Drop On In
PXpro™, from World and Main, will show a new line of tarps it is adding to its existing line of paint tools and accessories.These products feature superior quality paired with great value. The line includes standard (3 mil), medium (5 mil), and heavy (10 mil) duty thickness in a variety of sizes, making these ideal for many general-purpose applications. The sizes will range from 6′ x 8′ up to 20′ x 40′.

The assortment of tarps is manufactured with quality in mind and features the benefits consumers and pros demand: UV protection, aluminum grommets on the standard and medium duty, and polycarbonate grommets on the heavy duty, plastic reinforced corners (5 and 10 Mil), double laminated coating, mold/mildew resistance, and more. Each tarp is designed to provide you with Results You Can Count On! MSRP: $4.00-$65.00.


Take a Shelfie
Cashel, LLC, makers of a utility sink line, has a product that allows paint contractors to create an instant work station. The Shelfie™ is a portable, already assembled, easy to install, instant shelf that simply attaches to the utility sink. It is made from heavy-duty, waterproof and stain resistant polypropylene. Suggests retail $49.99; comes in a beautiful full-color retail-ready box.


Seams to be Ideal
Ames’ Research Laboratories, Inc. is a manufacturer elastomeric and waterproof coatings. “Make it the best you can,” has been the Ames’ family motto since the days of Ames’ Tool Company in 1774. Ames is proud to announce that it new innovative products are now available in quarts. These smaller cans are perfect for small building projects, a quick patch and repair, or arts and crafts.

Quarts are available for all Ames’® products such as Blue Max®, Maximum-Stretch®, Blue Max Trowel Grade, Super Elasto-Barrier®, Ames’ Iron Coat®, Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber, Safe-T-Deck®, and Liquid Granite®. In addition to quarts, Ames is introducing new sizes of its Peel & Stick™ Seam Tape. 10′. and 25′ long rolls are now available to complement its existing 50′ rolls, making it ideal for any project, big or small.