Color of the Month—Green, 2018

By mirandalipton,

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Green On Tour

“It seems that some nice deep moss greens have been trending lately.”

As I write this piece on the plane home after spending St. Patrick’s day in Dublin, Ireland, the Color of the Month has never been so fitting. I have temporary tattoos of shamrocks all over my body and a suitcase full of green souvenirs to take home. I have been surrounded by so much green for the past week that I think I am starting to see out of a green-tinted lens. I feel like I could go on about this color forever! It seems that I am not the only one who feels this way; green has been trending in places other than Ireland.

Sara McLean, color expert from Dunn-Edwards, describes the trend in green as shifting from deep to bright shades. “Green in deep values is prevalent this year, elevating its status as a key color,” said Mclean. “With a nod to our 2018 Color of the Year, The Green Hour (DET544), the evolution of greens from these deep values to brighter greens like kelly green and warmer greens such as olive, cements its trend status this year.”

Mainly used for interiors, McLean suggested that The Green Hour may be used to paint an entire room. Although bold, coating both the ceiling and walls with this color can create quite a stunning effect. “With the right balance of design elements, this color will envelope the room and create a sophisticated, bespoke, inspired space,” she said. Some other Dunn-Edwards greens she specifically highlighted in addition to its Color of the Year are Refined Green (DEA181), Teal Waters DEA131), Mow the Lawn (DET520), and Sprig of Mint (DE5675).

I guess “Shamrock Green” was not considered an official color! Oh well, maybe next month.


Don’t Roll Those Stones!

We want to gather some moss! Kristin Summer, a Massachusetts-based color consultant through her company Colors with Kristin, recognizes the wide variety of greens that are trending this year. “I’ve seen a lot the last few years with pale, pastel and turquoise greens,” she observed, “but it seems that some nice deep moss greens have been trending lately as well.” She said that mixing up a variety of these shades into one room can look amazing when done carefully. (This might be a great time to set your customer up with a trusted designer!)

Summer indicated that these deep moss greens have been popular in the past when combined with cream colors; especially on home exteriors. Now however, these greens are being used more interiorly. Instead of a specific color combination, she said, they can be most powerful interiorly when used against a wooden background. Since this shade of green can be recognized as an earthy color to begin with, the energy it gives off when combined with wood can make the space feel even more nature-based and relaxing. “Green represents life, so it can bring in the element of life without a lot of plants or greenery,” said Summer.


Bold, All Told

Jim Ladner, marketing and creative manager at Richard’s Paint, takes a different approach. He emphasized how bold colors complement green, as they offer dramatic choices for homes in which customers can express themselves by desigining a home that better resembles their personality.

For these types of combinations, he recommends gold or pink tones. For something less dramatic that still offers a fitting complement to green, he suggests bright whites, cream, navy, and brown tones.

It is also possible to find a balance between bold and neutrals. “Creating neutral color combinations a

llows the opportunity for bold accents to shine through. There is a balance with whites, soft neutrals, and the added punch of color. The bolder accents symbolize empowerment, technology advances, ethnic awareness, and incorporating natural elements into the palette,” said Ladner.If you are looking for an even bolder accent, I am available to paint customized leprechauns any time!