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By Jerry Rabushka,

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Tape Advice from Shurtape and FrogTape

It’s long been advised that sample boards of faux finishes, and even how-to seminars to go with them, are a great way to sell those products, in that customers can see what they’re getting and learn how to use it. But you might even benefit from doing this with painter’s tape, says Kacie Baon, Category Manager, FrogTape® Brand Painters Tape. Your goal, she reminds us, is to show customers the advantages of using premium tape, and a sample board might be the way to do it.

Most likely if you are asking someone to pay a higher price for a roll of tape than they are accustomed to, you’ll need some backup! “It is important to understand the advantages of premium tape products and be able to justify to the customer why these products will help save them time and money,” said Baon. “Point of purchase displays should have a clear call to action, list product benefits, and communicate why the customer needs the product. Another tactic is to visually show the customer the end result of using the product.” This can include before/after shots, and even how the tape can be used for creative design or as part of a faux project.

Another way to be a Retail Hero is to only sell a higher priced tape when it’s necessary—if someone is looking at a more expensive roll, make sure they actually need it. Perhaps a $4 roll will do their job rather than an $8. “There are various tape grades offered in the market to meet the unique needs and applications of consumers and contractors,” Baon reminds us. “It’s important for dealers to understand the best applications, as well as limitations, for each grade of tape they sell, so they can recommend the most suitable tape on a job by job basis.” If you talk someone into spending less money, she points out, they’ll be more likely to trust your input on future projects.



More than Surface Deep

ShurTech’s FrogTape brand painter’s tape features two different products—Multi Surface and Delicate Surface, and often one or the other can find some good use around a project. You might send your customers home with both, along with instructions as to when to use each.

“Multi Surface [Green FrogTape] is a medium adhesion premium tape that can be used on a variety of surfaces including cured painted walls, metal, glass and more. This tape can stay on surfaces up to 21 days prior to painting,” Kacie explained.

“Delicate Surface [Yellow FrogTape], on the other hand, is a low adhesion painter’s tape that can be applied to fresh paint (that has been dried for 24 hours), wallpaper, faux finishing and more. It’s also a great option for decorative painting projects—the low adhesion helps prevent surface damage. As opposed to Multi Surface, Delicate Surface can stay on surfaces for up to 60 days prior to painting,” said Baon That’s good for folks who want to take their time picking colors!


Strut Your Stuff

We asked outright, “What does ShurTech do better than anyone else in the tape industry?” There was no loss for words here! “Shurtech Brands, LLC, manufactures premium painting tapes that deliver superior results for our consumers,” Baon said. “ShurTech Brands is dedicated to understanding its end users and adjusting its products to best meet their needs on the job. We are focused on driving innovations and improving our tape technologies. FrogTape brand painter’s tape for example, was the first tape, and remains the only painter’s tape, on the market to be treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology.”

We at Mugler Publications have noticed many advances in painter’s tape by many manufactures—many more surfaces than before have a product designed especially to stick to it and keep the paint in (or out) of the lines. Work continues at ShurTech, noted Kacie, to keep producing tapes that help get the job done better.

For example, just like brush and rollers are developed to keep up with low VOC paints and other new coatings development, so is tape. “The recent trend of the paint industry going ‘green,’ and saturating the market with newer paint options that are designed with lower or zero volatile organic compounds, has encouraged ShurTech Brands to develop new tape formulations, such as ShurTech Brand’s ShurSTICK™ painter’s tape,” she said.

“At ShurTech we are constantly engaging in hands-on experiences with our customers, including contractors, to better understand their needs,” she said. “We know that spending time with our customers and learning from them is what ultimately helps us develop better painting tapes. We take pride in staying ahead of the trends and changes in our industries and the industries that affect our customers.”

Stay tuned, or better yet, stick with us—you can be sure to hear much more about tape from MugPub Inc. in 2018!