Color of the Month—Red, 2018

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Confidence Starts at the Front Door


In many aspects of life, red is recognized as a symbol of boldness and confidence, and this includes how the color is perceived in the paint world. The color itself exudes so much intense energy that it makes it nearly impossible to sulk when surrounded by it. Just as people add red to their outfit for a pop of confidence, the same goes for red on a door!

Reds are mostly being used interiorly, however your customers can advertise a bit about their personality by using them outside on a front door. “It tells your guests a little about yourself as soon as they walk up to your home. Brown colored shutters also pair well with a vibrant red front door,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager.

Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore Color & Design Expert, agrees that front doors are a great place to add some saturated color. “Caliente [Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year] is a perfect, classic red that will draw attention to the entry of a home. It works well with warm and cool colors that are popular for exteriors, and with many types of building materials, making it an ideal choice,” she suggests.


Friends in High Places

Red has a lot of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to creating a dramatic highlight or addition to a space. Sara McLean, color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards, suggests that an unconventional way to go bold with the color is to place it on the ceiling in a high gloss, and leave the walls white. “Add a beautiful chandelier and you’ve got a dramatic room for entertaining. Also, if you have a den or library with built-ins, paint the walls and built-ins a high-gloss deep red for a wow factor,” she said.

Regardless of personal preferences of red, there is a general consensus that it is used to make a statement. As Schlotter puts it, it is a “shout out, live out loud, notice me” color.

McLean describes it as the punctuation mark for an otherwise neutral room. “A deep red in a higher gloss is dramatic and elegant, sending a sure signal that color confidence is at hand,” she said. This is why reds are so frequently paired with neutral colors—to not only balance out the vibrancy of the red, but also to allow for it to stand out on its own without having its effects reduced by other dominant colors.

For Benjamin Moore, the hues that rose to the top this year are on the warmer side of the spectrum as demonstrated by the company’s choice of Caliente (AF-290) as its Color of the Year. “While we singled out the vibrant red Caliente for its depth and versatility, we included several colors from the red family in the 2018 palette—from Pleasant Pink (2094-60) to Texas Rose (2092-40) to Cranberry Cocktail (2083-20),” said Magno.


Warm Complements

Warm and neutral hues are a popular complement for red, as it is such a bold color on its own. McLean enjoys pairing clay-shades with warm blues and cobalt. “A few Dunn-Edwards colors we’re highlighting in this range are Rustique (DE5149), Musk (DE6088), Western Red (DE6090), and Monarch Migration (DET466),” she listed.

PPG Paints™ has been focusing on darker colors, Schlotter reported. “While many of the trending red colors are clean and fresh, hues saturated and dipped in brown such as the PPG Paints brand’s Brandy Snaps (PPG10535), and dark hues such as Gooseberry (PPG10487) are also extremely popular.”

Andrea Magno clued us in on Benjamin Moore’s offerings. “A color combination where White Opulence (OC-69) plays a leading role, complemented by the deep Wolf Gray (2127-40), is brought to the next level with a small accent in Caliente (AF-290). By creating color combinations with the 23 colors of the 2018 Color Trends palette, the results are sophisticated and allow for a nice balance between muted and saturated levels of color,” she stated.

So, for those customers searching for that extra bit of confidence that we all desire, it seems that a red paint job is a great way to go!