Prime Coat—January, 2018

By Hans Mugler,

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Couldn’t Do It Without YOU

With 2017 safely in the books and the calendar flipped over to 2018, it’s easy to look towards the future of this industry with excitement. Many companies in the paint & sundries segment have had stellar years, while some have struggled a bit. Acquisitions have not slowed as more and more large manufacturers absorb, buy out, merge and acquire more of the smaller manufacturers out there. Great new products abound for our industry, and we will continue to show you as many as we can because they could have a big impact on your bottom line, selling products that you can’t get at the big boxes.

Time for some “Thank You’s.” I want to personally thank each of our advertising partners, large, medium, and small, for their commitments this year and their continued support. These folks you see every month in our pages help to pay our bills and keep these magazines coming out to you monthly. They are happy for the opportunity to reach you independents, who for many are the lifeblood of their business. Whether they are selling a $1 item or a $10,000 piece of equipment, their products are designed to make painting a better experience, and when you are selling these high-quality products that can’t be found at the boxes, you are separating your stores from the competition and making your stores a destination for all those looking for a few quality items to finish off their honey-do’s.

I also want to thank all you readers, those of you who read us cover-to-cover monthly, and those who choose to read us online. You ARE the reason we do this in the first place! My dad, Chris Mugler, knew he wanted to, like you, differentiate himself from the competition. He felt the need to supply a magazine that would be helpful to independents—one that contained best business practices of other quality independents, showcased quality products that would give you an edge over your competitors, and was directed to you—not the big boxes, not flooring stores, not interior designers, and not stores selling window treatments…he wanted to do whatever he could to help the independent paint & sundries dealer, and we continue to do that as we head into our 27th year in publication.

Lastly, I want to thank my outstanding staff. Jerry Rabushka, my associate publisher and editor, remains the most qualified voice in our industry. He is a strong proponent of the independent, a strong believer in promoting the best business practices and products, and one of the most talented and creative people I know! Kathy Tongay-Carr never ceases to amaze me with her creative layout designs throughout the magazines, and the cover designs that standout among all the other magazines in our industry.

Our newest writers, Josh Bohm and Miranda Lipton, have taken to the industry with very little difficulty. Josh holds down another job while taking on writing assignments, and Miranda continues to write for us as she studies and continues to make good grades at THE Ohio State University. Sue Oden has been a sales rep for us for more than seven years now. She loves the industry and loves dealing with her clients. She’s a single mom with four kids, one of which has special needs, and her days are long and hard, but she continues to be a ray of sunshine for all of us here. Shirley Schomaker is in her second tour of duty with us. I scratch my head sometimes wondering where we would be without her. She keeps our production schedule clean, maintains the subscribers list for both magazines, does our billing, and never ever complains about the occasional odd jobs I ask her to do around the office.

To our advertisers, to our readers, and to my staff, thank you so much for all you do. I wish each and every one of you an excellent and prosperous 2018!