Put it Where They Can See It

By Jerry Rabushka,

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Become a specialty product destination.

You won’t sell as much of a specialty coating as you will of a conventional paint. And you’re not supposed to. The difference is, customers know you have paint, but they might not know you can solve a specfic problem with something a bit different. That’s why these manufactures suggest displaying specialty coatings where customers can see them. It might just remind them that they have that nagging problem, and that the problem can be solved with paint—making you the hero once again and lining you up for return business. Following in alphabetical order are some special products from some special manufacturers.



Walk steady with Abatron

The thing to remember about specialty paints is that they’re not for everyone. If they were, they wouldn’t be specialty. From Abatron comes Abogrip™, a highly slip-resistant epoxy coating. “Not every customer will have an immediate need for Abogrip. However, those that do will find it to be very effective,” said company owner and president, Marsha Caporaso.

With wet surfaces comes the danger of slipping, which is when this product makes a statement. “It can be applied for continuous immersion in water or on surfaces that get wet or slippery. It’s perfect for floor surfaces where safety is a concern,” said Marsha.

You won’t slip up either, if you offer this product under the right circumstances, but it will take a bit of direction-reading to put it on correctly. Abogrip is a two-part product mixed in equal volume, applied with a trowel or putty knife, Caporaso explains. “This epoxy system exceeds OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Its superior adhesion ensures that loading bays, steps, ramps, entrances, and other industrial and commercial surfaces are safe. It’s also great for DIY use in pools, locker rooms, boats, and other applications where slip resistance is needed.”

Benjamin Moore’s Notable Addition

Oops! If only there was a way to erase a typo after we’ve already gone to press, imagine how easy our job would be! Benjamin Moore’s Notable Dry Erase Paint lets your customers wipe out and start from scratch, or try out bizarre ideas before anyone else catches on. “It is a specialty coating that can transform almost any surface into a dry erase board,” described Mary Louise Rubin, Benjamin Moore senior brand manager. “Notable is made with a two-component formula that delivers premium performance, easy application and extended pot life.”

What’s really cool, she continues, is how it can be used on a variety of surfaces including painted walls, wood, glass, metal, and laminate. That’s a great selling point to explain to potential customers who are either at home with kids, or for someone in a business setting who’s tired of buying poster board. It can be purchased in white for a classic whiteboard look, or in clear to apply over any of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ colors. “Notable can create collaborative and creative spaces in both residential and commercial settings,” said Rubin. “It is for residential as well as professional use in interior commercial spaces such as office buildings, schools and universities, and more.”

While dry erase isn’t a new concept, the idea that you can buy it and apply it in any color is probably a new concept for many of your customers, so act on this WOW factor by putting it where they can see it! “We recommend displaying Notable prominently, as it is a unique product that can be used to meet a growing need in today’s marketplace. It can also elevate an existing project that may not initially have called for dry-erase surfaces,” Rubin suggested.

In other words, people might love having this option, and they’ll love you for pointing it out. “The scope of a project—especially those in commercial workspaces—can be expanded by suggesting that one (or more) out of every four walls be painted with Notable,” said Rubin. “This enables contractors and facility managers to create more functional and innovative environments without compromising the existing design elements of a space—benefiting the painter, retailer, and ultimately the end-user.”


ICP Construction has a foothold

ICP wants to put its dealers on steady footing—and their customers as well, so their chosen specialty is Skid Grip, a unique slip resistant formulation that combines extreme durability with endless applications. Made from a unique blend of high performance 100% acrylic resins and a specially designed anti-slip additive, this coating can be used in many interior or exterior areas including safety, sport surfaces, pool, recreational, and hospitality facilities, the company lists. It can also serve as a long-lasting driveway sealer.

It can be used on masonry, concrete, wood, and other substrates where an anti-slip surface is necessary. It exceeds ADA standards on wet, dry, and inclined surfaces and is most commonly used on safety ramps, pool decks, water parks, sport courts, cross walks, driveways, outdoor patios, and walkways.

With so much versatility, you can extol the benefits to a wide swath of customers, suggests Dan Cohen, ICP Construction executive vice president. “Recommend it to homeowners as well as businesses such as outdoor restaurants, fitness centers, hotels and motels, and theme parks,” he said. These places don’t need someone slipping on spilled coke into the French fries, and you never know what’s on the ground at an amusement park—or worse, you do. It’s certainly not amusing if you fall into it (though it might be if someone else does). “It can be sold when secure footing in wet areas, fall risk areas, or sports surfaces is needed. It comes in seven colors and two bases,” he said.

Plus, Cohen adds, Skid Grip can stimulate impulse sales, as a prominent display will help customers remember that they have the perfect spot for it! “It is also a great tool for an outside sales staff,” he concluded.


Thrive on Five with Kelly-Moore

Nate Hardy, Kelly-Moore product manager, is sitting on a bucket of Level 5™, answering our questions. Well, let’s pretend he is because it’s a nice picture to imagine. But we don’t have to imagine good results! This product will help customers smooth out semi-rough drywall to prepare it for a finish coat, he tells us. “Level 5 is a high viscosity, high build PVA specifically designed to be applied at high mils. It will level as it dries,” said Hardy. The time saving miracle? It’s designed to transform level 4 drywall into a level 5 finish without the application of a skim coat. Level 5 will hide imperfections, smooth rough wallboard, and provide a tight seal for excellent sheen uniformity of topcoats. It is optimized for professional spray application and can be easily sanded when needed.

This is important, he adds, because of a growing demand for smooth drywall in the architectural world. “Level 5 provides contractors with an opportunity to save time and reduce labor in their drywall finishing process,”

Hardy tells us. So if you’re selling a lot to commercial or new residential markets, you need to “put it where they can see it.”



PPG: Shelf of Special

PPG has three you can put up on your shelf, and finding out your customers’ special problem will let you know if they need a special solution.

“Start by asking questions about your customer’s project,” advised John Trenta, PPG senior marketing manager “Are there any specific challenges to address? By understanding the project scope, you’ll be able to best recommend the most appropriate product. Demonstrating your in-store expertise and availability of specialty product offerings is crucial,” said Trenta. Below are some products for this crucial category:

• Porch & Floor: PPG Paints™ Floor, Porch and Deck Enamel consists of a 100% acrylic formula fortified with urethane for excellent durability. Ideal for high traffic areas to meet the needs of residential and commercial markets, the scruff-resistant paint offers strong adhesion to multiple surfaces.

• Concrete & Masonry/Metal: PPG Paints Perma-Crete® high build acrylic topcoat is specifically designed for interior and exterior masonry substrates requiring high performance and protection against water, UV light and stains while still remaining breathable.

• Specialty: PPG Paints Break-Through!® is an interior and exterior water-borne acrylic paint that contains <50 g/L VOC per liter. Break-Through! offers unique, versatile technology that provides excellent adhesion, hardness and block resistance, drying to touch in 15-20 minutes to provide fast turnaround and increased productivity.


Zinsser Kills Odor

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of a smell. Cats, cigarettes, an errant kitchen fire…this is where Zinsser® Odor Killing Primer starts you off fresh. Melanie Delcore, brand manager, described this specialty primer for us. “Zinsser

Odor Killing Primer permanently seals and blocks odors and dries to a clear, low-sheen finish. One ideal use for this product is for wood sub-floors where you’ve ripped out carpeting and want to block odors from pets or nicotine that would otherwise linger. Unlike a traditional white primer,” she said, “this leaves the surface with a discreet low-sheen, clear coat finish.”

It just might be that secret weapon if someone’s laying a new floor covering. “Odor Killing Primer provides a flexible and resilient finish that works well with the natural movements of flooring materials,” said Delcore.

“When using this product on floors that will be carpeted, tiled, or covered with a laminate-type flooring product, a topcoat is not necessary. This primer provides permanent odor-blocking solutions for a wide variety of applications and can be topcoated with any clear finish or paint,” Delcore concluded.

Look who’s special now! Put yourself where they can see you.