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Barn Wood Style du Coco

People are always looking for a way to make their old furniture look great, and by carrying a variety of specialty finishes, you can be the place they go when they want a custom look for their special pieces. The Paint du Coco line, created by Natasha du Coco, offers paints, brushes, finishes, and waxes that make it easy for your customers to get great results and fresh new looks! Great for your imaginative customers, but even beginners can get excellent results that will keep them coming back for more.

Of course Natasha enjoys experimenting with her product line, and she created a technique to transform regular wooden surfaces into a unique barn wood finish. She uses a selection of her Paint du Coco colors such as Swiss Chocolate, Pitch Black, and Victorian Grey, and then a blend of her waxes to seal—and for the finishing touch. Follow the easy directions:

1. The first layer of paint is the Swiss Chocolate.

2. After drying, she applies the rest of the selected colors using the dry brush technique. For this she tips the brush briefly in the paint and with equal brush strokes she applies it until the result is perfect—each of your customers will have a different definition of “perfect.”

3. The next step is to distress certain areas by using a wet cloth in one hand and a dry cloth in the other. Use the wet cloth to wash off the areas you want to look distressed, keeping in mind that you imitate the weathered influences on the surface. Wipe of excess water with the dry cloth.

4. After the surface is completely dry we can start with the finishing touch. Waxing requires some elbow grease, but you will be very happy with the results!

5. Dip your wax brush in dark brown and clear wax and apply on the surface. Buff with a soft cloth till the layers are blended and look smooth.


Voilà! You’ve created your Barn Wood Style the du Coco way!