Paint Scene—August, 2017

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Paint Matching Device

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announced the launch of MetaVue™, a non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for easy retail paint matching. MetaVue provides the ability to easily respond to a range of different types of customer samples and accurately measure them, building confidence behind the counter and increasing customer loyalty.

MetaVue offers an on-board camera to help you accurately target customer samples. You can see the sample you are measuring and digitally target the desired area. MetaVue also includes an advanced smart spot image feature that matches color, taking into consideration appearance affects such as texture and gloss, to ensure accurate matches.

MetaVue features an adjustable aperture size ranging from 2mm to 12mm. For larger items, it can be horizontally or vertically positioned to allow more flexibility. You can take the measurement directly from the MetaVue device instead of having to reach over and click the mouse. It can also measure exact dominant colors from multi-colored samples. While other color matching instruments average multiple colors, MetaVue saves time by acquiring separate measurements of multiple colors with a single click.

You can use MetaVue in conjunction with ColorDesigner® Plus for fast formulation of accurate paint recipes and storage of custom paint recipes for repeat customers. ColorDesigner Plus color matching software expedites and refines the paint selection process, eliminating wasted effort and needless formulation errors. It can connect to a paint dispenser system for fast delivery of paint color formulations, mix the customer’s color in the paint product they want, and has an option to look up colors across paint lines.



PPG donates to NDSU

The PPG Foundation donated $40,000 to the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Foundation and Alumni Association to benefit the college’s Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department in order to help establish and provide scholarship funding for a professional Master of Science program in color technology. This new program will complement the university’s long-standing coatings and polymeric materials program, which is one of few programs in the world that provides academic research and education focused on polymer organic coatings.

A $30,000 PPG Foundation grant made on behalf of PPG’s science and technology function is helping to cover infrastructure, equipment, faculty and other costs related to establishing the program, and an additional $10,000 grant will establish a PPG scholarship fund for the program.

PPG scientists have actively served on the NDSU Coatings and Polymeric Materials Industrial Advisory Board over the years, joining other coatings industry representatives to help guide the department’s curriculum. This advisory board encouraged the addition of a color science program at NDSU. Last year, PPG members led a forum in which learning objectives for the color technology program were established.