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Keeps Paint Out. Keeps Lines Sharp.®

A professional-looking paint job begins with a premium painting tape, but all tapes are not created equal. To ensure crisp, clean paint lines on walls, baseboard and trim, it’s important to use the right tape for the job. FrogTape® is the only painter’s tape treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology. PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer which reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed and producing the sharpest paint lines possible.

To help tackle any DIY paint project from walls to accessories, FrogTape® brand painter’s tapes are available in different grades. FrogTape Multi-Surface has a medium adhesion perfect for cured painted walls, wood, metal and glass.

For surfaces that need a lower level of adhesion, such as wallpaper, faux finishes or fresh paint that’s only 24 hours old, FrogTape Delicate Surface helps eliminate the risk of damage while delivering sharp lines. No matter your painting project needs, FrogTape® is dedicated to providing an easy taping solution.