Prime Coat—May, 2017

By Hans Mugler,

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NHS 2017 WOW Factors…

Another fulfilling National Hardware Show and Lancaster Distributing Show are in the books. This year’s version of both shows seemed to us to run very smoothly with plenty of foot traffic, though maybe not as much as last year’s event. Still, we did not talk to many folks who were disappointed in the turnout. NHS and Lancaster should be must-see events every year in Vegas, so if you didn’t attend this year, make plans to see the shows next year, May 8-10.

Once again, we came, we concurred, and we took no prisoners, but we did take home some really cool products, had some mailed back to us, and saw even more that drew our attention. Among the WOW factors we saw that you will want to stock in your stores was the Chroma Painting System from True Progression LLC. Chroma touts itself as the one solution for many projects. The Chroma handle is a roller cage that fits roller covers of 4″, 7″ and 9″….ingenious! Solidly made and ergonomically designed, the Chroma universal handle offers hands-free roller cover pick-up and release (keeping paint off your hands), accepts standard extension poles, and provides even distribution of paint while avoiding deflection and roller stipple. It will be available this fall.

HomeRight Spray Shelters answer the question of how to spray paint or stain outside on a windy day. The tent-like structures help limit overspray drift, and they come in a small size, perfect for spray painting something like a table lamp or small side table; and a large size you could use to paint a chest of drawers or larger furniture. The newly added mesh screen helps protect freshly painted projects from wind, leaves and bugs, and the whole unit packs up in no time to be neatly stored away in its carrying bag.

If you need products that fight rust, call up Advanced Protective Products for its Rust Destroyer line. These products alleviate the need for multiple SKU’s, saving you $ by not having to inventory all the other “rust converters” and different metal primers. Rust Destroyer is a non-toxic, patented universal paint primer and rust converter in one SKU. No, this is not a new product, but if you are looking to replace some “dogs” or multiple SKU’s, give this WOW product line a new look.

Paint Behind® is coming front and center. An exciting new painting tool, designed by popular Twin Cities interior designer, Susie Ries, Paint Behind is used to get behind furniture and appliances too hard or big to move, such as toilets, refrigerators and stoves, radiators, flat-screen TVs, gutters and downspouts, cabinets and more! Paint Behind® utilizes a long, flat handle and paint pad to let you easily get in and color the wall behind it.

Hyde Tools always has something to WOW us, and this year it was the full line of painting tools and applicators from A. Richard, which joined Hyde near the end of 2003. You can always count on Hyde to provide excellent products at competitive prices, and the entire line from A. Richard is certainly worth checking out.

While Hyde touted its expanded line of painting products from A. Richard, a painting products company, Linzer, was quietly announcing the acquisition of Allway Tools as a new, wholly owned subsidiary to go along with ArroWorthy, T.S. Simms, J.R. Edwards, Blue Dolphin, Pintar, and Royal Paint Roller. Providing outstanding synergies for both companies, the acquisition of Allway by Linzer should be a boon for both companies and create more one-stop shopping from the Linzer Products Corp.