Paint Scene—May, 2017

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Paint Sundries Solutions Goes Nation Wide

Paint Sundries Solutions, Inc. (PSS) , which stocks more than 10,000 paint sundry products from the leading manufacturers, will begin serving customers in the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest from its newest distribution center in Pennsylvania.

Based in Kirkland, WA, PSS provides innovative supply chain solutions to retail and manufacturing partners in the architectural coatings industry, delivering more than 10,000 paint products to 3,500 retail customers across the country. The new facility in Harrisburg, PA, adds to its national network of distribution centers, which includes facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Dallas. With its strategic location in eastern Pennsylvania, the Harrisburg location will offer next-day service to most of the Northeast and two-day service to the Midwest and Southeast.

“This is an important milestone for Paint Sundries Solutions,” says Don Walker, CEO. “With the addition of our Pennsylvania distribution center, our company has the ability to provide the finest products, services and technology to every market in the country.” For information:, (800) 877-6111.



Leslie Epps


Sierra Callwood

Scholarship Assistance from Benjamin Moore

GIVING MOORE, a foundation of Benjamin Moore & Co., in partnership with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), announced the winners of the 2017 Diversity Advancement Scholarship. The scholarship provides assistance to individuals from a minority race or ethnicity pursuing a professional degree in architecture recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The selected students will receive one $5,000 scholarship each in 2017 and an additional $5,000 each per year for up to five years of their undergraduate architectural studies.

The winners, selected by the panel of judges, are Leslie Epps, sophomore at The City College of New York, who plans to pursue a career in architecture that enables her to travel the world, design in other countries and expand her global experiences; and Sierra Callwood, freshman at Tulane University, whose interests early on in robotics, art, and history influenced her passion for the multifaceted discipline of architecture.

“We extend our sincere congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Diversity Advancement Scholarships,” said Mike Searles, CEO of Benjamin Moore & Co. and Chairman of Giving Moore. “We are proud to support the next generation of architects and are committed to helping enhance their educational and professional development as they pursue careers in the architecture field.”

Giving Moore is also continuing its support of the 2015 winners, providing financial assistance throughout the remaining time in their current five-year programs. To learn more about the Diversity Advancement Scholarship program visit



Handy Film Fest #6

Bercom International, the manufacturer of HANDy Paint Products, has announced its open call for submissions for the 2017 Handy Paint Products’ Online Video Contest. The contest, now celebrating its 6th year, challenges DIYers, and all levels of filmmakers, to create a short video featuring the unique usage of a Handy Paint product.

The grand prize for the contest is $2,000, with the deadline for entry September 3, 2017. Additional details here.