Shelf Life—April, 2017

By The Paint Dealer,

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Meet Your Customers’ Kneeds

Are they painting baseboards? Sanding the floor? Warner’s knee pads offer all the comfort needed at a reasonable price. Features include super cushiony inserts, textured design to prevent slipping, and a large leg strap to prevent rubbing irritation. They are safe with shorts, have strong stitching for longer life, and one size fits all. Great for interior painting and many other around the house activities.


Take it Leightly

The Howard Leight™ Sync® Wireless earmuff, from Honeywell, is the first “communication” earmuff offered in the Honeywell Howard Leight Sync family portfolio. It was designed for the worker that needs to stay connected but also needs hearing protection in loud areas. The Sync Wireless earmuff can connect wirelessly to most mobile phone devices via Bluetooth®, making it easy to connect and use.

Take it Litely

BYK-Gardner, worldwide partner of the paint and plastic industries for quality control of color, appearance and physical properties, is introducing the new light booth byko-spectra lite. In addition to the well-proven BYK-Gardner light booth range, the lite version with five light sources and compact design builds the standard for critical visual evaluation in laboratory and production. The light sources of byko-spectra lite for daylight, home light and department store light allows you to remove the risk of metamerism. Viewing under ultraviolet light helps you to detect and evaluate optical brighteners or fluorescent pigments.


Here’s Watt’s Up

The Dewalt 20V/60V MAX Flexvolt 9.0Ah
Battery offers the following benefits:
•  Dual-voltage for ultimate flexibility.
•  Get up to 6X runtime when used with Dewalt 20V MAX tools.
•  Get corded power when used with 60V MAX  or 120V MAX  (2 x 60V MAX) tools.
•  Offers 6X battery capacity vs. Dewalt  20V MAX 1.5Ah battery.
•  180 watt hours of energy in each battery  pack. Get 360 watt hours when using  Flexvolt® 9.0Ah batteries in 120V MAX tools.
•  Can operate down to 0°F.
•  Compatible with 20V MAX, 60V MAX,  and 120V MAX (2 x 60V MAX) Dewalt tools.


Corrosion Coupon

For over 50 years, Q-PANEL® test substrates have been recognized as the world standard for a consistent and uniform test surface for paints, plating, adhesives, sealants, rust inhibitors and other coatings. This consistency and uniformity is now available through Paul N. Gardner’s Q-Lab CX-series corrosion test coupons. Corrosion test coupons ensure repeatability and reproducibility when performing laboratory corrosion testing. They help a user independently monitor the test conditions in the chamber by measuring the mass loss of the coupons as the test progresses. They are designed to meet the stringent requirements specified in many international modern corrosion test methods.