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Sell—And Give Away—The Best

by Tom Hardy, American Paint Paddle


American Paint Paddle Company, in business for almost 35 years, prides itself in offering paint dealers across America the best quality and imprinted paint paddles available. Promote your store by giving away a quality product to stir the quality paints you sell—it will reflect positively on your store.

APP offers stir sticks from 9″ to 28″ as well as yardsticks, openers, rulers, strainers, hats and clothing, all available logoed for your self-promotion. We have all major paint brand logos on hand, so you can add your major brand logo and use your co-op money to cover some of your cost. What looks better on your staff than quality clothing featuring your company or paint brand logo? Contractors will love mugs and t-shirts with their favorite paint store’s name on it!

Recently, a store manager told me he has contractors coming into his store commenting on what a flimsy paddle they get at one of the big box stores, and it left them wondering if the paint and tools those stores were selling were of similar quality. Everything you do with your company represents who you are—employee knowledge, caring about customers, treating them with respect, etc. To make sure your paint paddles are of the highest quality, use APP!

APP congratulates The Paint Dealer on 25 years of servicing the paint industry, providing relevant information to dealers and contractors alike.

Call us or email us with any questions: 800-858-8589, sales@app-co.com