Prime Coat—February, 2017

By Hans Mugler,

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25 Years and Counting

It’s hard to believe that 25 years can go by so fast. It seems like just yesterday Dad (Chris Mugler) and I were discussing what his plans were after being forced out at Decorating Retailer (now PDR, Paint & Decorating Retailer) magazine and the National Decorating Products Association (now PDRA. Paint & Decorating Retailers Association). The world and our industry is a very different place than it was in 1992.

Twenty-five years ago, the movie Wayne’s World, born out of a Saturday Night Live skit, was all the rage. The Mall of America opened in Minnesota as the largest mall in the world, the Cartoon Network debuted on TV, and in a whites-only referendum South Africa voted to end apartheid in 1992 (leading to the presidency of Nelson Mandela). In 1992, Billy Ray Cyrus gave us his “Achy Breaky Heart,” and later that year, the birth of his daughter we know as Miley. Microsoft Windows 3.1 was released on floppy disc, the Church of England voted to allow women to become priests, and Hollywood star Demi Moore famously appeared on the 1992 August cover of Vogue magazine in her birthday suit…in a tuxedo applied with body paint!

In our industry, people were talking about VOCs (volatile organic compounds), but they weren’t doing a whole heck of a lot about them, however, “green” products were just starting to pop onto the scene. Oil based paints were still a really big deal, POS systems were being developed, and stores would primarily fax their orders into their manufacturing reps.

Twenty-five years ago, company websites were almost non-existent, industry consolidation had not really occurred yet as Porter, Devoe, Fuller-O’Brien, Martin Senour, Pratt & Lambert, and Bruning Paints (to name a few) had yet to be acquired or merge with other companies. Mini rollers were fairly new on the scene, having made their way over from Europe; Purdy was not yet a part of SW, painter’s tape was not nearly as versatile as it is now, and Arrow Roller and Worthy Brush had not yet come together as ArroWorthy.

But there was also something very different in our industry in January of 1992… there was no magazine produced strictly for the Independent Paint & Sundry Store Owners in North America, and Chris changed that in February ’92 by debuting The Paint Dealer (TPD) magazine. From very humble beginnings, TPD quickly became the leading industry magazine for folks that owned their own paint and sundries stores. Dad’s mentors at the time included Robert “Bob” Farnum, John Rogers, and to some extent, “Grampa Munster,” Chris’ good friend Nick Cichielo from his NDPA days. These industry icons helped my father define the track that he wanted to be on, and the direction his new magazine would take.

Dad’s goal at the time was to give a voice to all the independents, to be the champion of their causes, and to support the indies in any way possible. None of that has changed from 1992. For the last 25 years, TPD has been, and still is, the #1 most read, most liked magazine in the industry! A HUGE “Thank You” goes out to all our readers and our advertisers for the last 25 years. Thank you so much for allowing us to talk to you every month, and for supporting us from Day 1…we would not still be here without YOU! What the next 25 years has in store for us is anyone’s guess, but you can be certain we will be here, still representing you, still speaking up for you and with you, to help make you the very best store owners you can be!