POS For the Fun of It

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by George Maginnis, Paladin Data Corp.


It’s happened to everyone. A customer is walking the aisles at your paint store to find the things they need to get started on that project they’ve already been putting off for weeks. They’re ready to pay and be on their way. Not so fast! If the cashier is inexperienced, he may have trouble with the multiple coupons the customer just handed him.

Oh, man!

Now that customer wants to split his purchase between three credit cards. Scrutinizing the candy and magazines placed near the cashier station won’t keep them entertained for long. The tops of your shoes really aren’t that interesting, either. At some point, they just want out.

Long lines at the checkout counter are no fun for customers or cashiers. At Paladin, we want to make checkout as fast as possible, so we made our software really easy to use. Our clients tell us that cashiers become productive after only a few minutes of training. They even enjoy using it!

Taking care of customers and cashiers is important, but paint store owners need a little love, too! Adding color to what might otherwise be a pretty drab world surely has its rewards, but wouldn’t it be nice to get home at a decent hour, energized and ready to engage with your family, pursue a hobby, or binge watch your favorite TV show?

That’s the idea behind Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory Management™. Using your store’s sales history, Paladin will let you know what customers will be buying in the weeks to come, so you can order what you need to meet upcoming demand. You won’t need to spend hours shopping for the best price. You can shorten your work week even more by automating ordering and receiving. Paladin will even help you find slow-moving products so you can mark ’em down and help them find a new home. You can then reinvest in products that will make money so you can buy something really important, like one of those heated footbaths with massaging bubbles.

If you already have a world-class footbath, you may want to take that extra money and reinvest in your store. Do more of what you’re already doing to make the customer’s visit as short and productive as possible. Remember when you invested in enough paint shakers to mix 40 one-gallon cans at a time? We get how important that is.

Show your appreciation to those repeat customers with Paladin’s royalty-free customer loyalty program, Rich Rewards. Custom build a program of discounts and incentives that work for your store. The customer data you capture can be used for your own direct mail or email marketing program. Paladin also integrates with third party loyalty programs that provide marketing services tailored to the needs of your business.

You can spend buckets of money on advertising and promotion, clean your floors until you can see your own reflection, or give your customers piggyback rides from their cars to the front door, but it won’t mean a thing if nobody is there to help them find what they need.Paladin Point of Sale dramatically improves the customer shopping experience by presenting a fast, secure, and easy-to-use checkout solution. By automating so many back office tasks, staff members will have more time to interact with customers.

If you’re interested in a point of sale system that not only speeds customers through checkout and automates the most time-consuming back office tasks, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to show you how to make your store run smoothly into a more profitable future.