Shelf Life—January, 2017

By The Paint Dealer,

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Once and Done  (Zinsser/Jomax)

Spray Once lives up to its name…just one spray gets rid of stubborn exterior stains from mold, mildew and algae, no rinsing or scrubbing needed. Just spray, walk away and let Spray Once do the work. The bleach-free formula works with wind, rain and moisture over time to remove unwanted stains.
• Apply with pump-up garden sprayer.
• Works over time to remove stains from mold, mildew, algae and moss.
• Ideal for siding, fences, decks, patios, roofs and more.
• One gallon of concentrate makes up to five gallons of cleaning solution
• Cleans up to 1,500 sq. ft.


Grip & Tape (Warner)

Warner’s Pro Grip Taping Knives are developed from real-world needs and Made in the USA. Benefits include:
• ProGrip™ tools are task specific.
• High-carbon steel is the professional choice.
• Proper flex through hollow grinding.
• Handles designed for comfortable application.
• Chemical-resistant handles.
• Color-coded blade identification to simplify tool selection for users.


Rag Your Customers (Intex DIY)

These rags aren’t like a box of chocolates—open the package and you know exactly what you’re getting. Available exclusively from Intex, these new Paint and Cleaning Rags are made from Precision-Fiber™ Cloth (PFC for short). This Made in the USA product is made to exact specs from super absorbent natural fiber that is hydro-entangled with strong polymers. PFC is everything painters want and nothing that they don’t. Soft and strong like t-shirt cloth, they cost less and work better. These natural fiber rags are available in boxes or bags and always packed by the count.


Fast Dry Aerosol (Plutonium Paint)

Plutonium™ Paint is the first to bring exceptional quality and brilliant color, superior performance and longer durability to the aerosol paint market. It is a modified automotive acrylic resin which provides a premium coating that resists dripping, chipping, cracking and peeling. It is a true HVLP (high volume low pressure) color delivery system with a 360-degree spray and dry to the touch in 3-5 minutes. Palette includes 33 vivid opaques, 3 metallics, 4 translucents and a Gloss Clear Coat. Made in the USA. Available at independent dealers—not available in box stores!


Price Saving Pine (Real Milk Paint)

Half & Half, a blend of tung oil and citrus solvent, is eco-friendly and nontoxic like all Real Milk Paint products. In response to the recent price hike of citrus, Real Milk Paint incorporated pine oil into the mix in efforts to maintain a safe product at an affordable price. The new formula helps achieve a gorgeous, polished look as pine oil is often used as an all-purpose household cleaner. The company states that customer feedback favors the blend over the strictly citrus solvent, and it is considering making a permanent formula change.