TPD’s 2017 Product Spotlight

By Jerry Rabushka,

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You’ll see all kinds of lights this time of year…holiday lights, spotlights, highlights…Here are some examples of the last two: highlighted products in the spotlight. Most were new in 2016. Manufacturers—please continue to send us information on your new products and we’ll be glad to feature them in future issues. (Information supplied by the manufacturers.)



Premium Exterior
You only get one chance to make a first impression! DecoArt Americana Decor® Curb Appeal™ Paint will ensure that your home is putting its best foot forward by making it easy to breathe new life into front doors, shutters, railings, mailboxes, and more. It adheres to both metal and wood, leaving a durable, light-fast, semi-gloss finish on outdoor surfaces. Available in 21 classic and contemporary colors to appeal to a wide range of home styles.



Premium Interior
Pratt & Lambert’s Accolade Interior Premium Paint & Primer is designed for smooth application and is highly washable, scrubbable and stain resistant for long-lasting durability. Its 100% acrylic waterborne formula can be used on properly prepared interior surfaces including walls, ceilings, trim, drywall, wood, masonry, metal and previously painted surfaces. It is available in more than 1,600 color choices including 100 exquisitely crafted one-coat hide guaranteed colors. Comes in a variety of sheens including flat, velvet, satin and semi-gloss for a beautiful finish and durability that is built to last.



Construction Adhesive
The Liquid Nails® brand by PPG launched FUZE*IT® All Surface Construction Adhesive (LN-2000) in 2016. Fuze*It adhesive is formulated with a proprietary hybrid-polymer blend for best-in-class adhesion. With two times the strength of fasteners alone, it bonds nearly all materials in any weather conditions, and on surfaces that are dry, frozen, or wet. The product can be applied in temperatures ranging from 0° to 140°F and performs in temperatures ranging from -40° to 300°F.



Masking Plastic
Save time and money with 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Plastic. It resists bleed-through better than paper. It’s water and flake resistant, easy to wrap around objects and allows light in. Plus, you get 2X more product per roll compared to 3M™ Hand-Masker™ General Purpose Masking Paper. Use it with the 3M™ Hand-Masker™ M300 Dispenser for faster, easier prep and better results.



Exterior/Interior acrylic
PPG Paints™ introduced the next generation of its <50 g/L volatile organic compound (VOC) version of Break-Through!® interior and exterior water-borne acrylic paint earlier this year. Break-Through! paint offers a unique and versatile technology that provides excellent adhesion, hardness and block resistance to a variety of residential and commercial surfaces, and an impressive dry time of 17-20 minutes.



Private Labeling
Nationwide Protective Coating Manufacturers, Inc. is a manufacturer of the highest quality, ceramic paints, elastomeric wall & roof coatings, and many other extremely affordable products. Private labeling, custom graphics, and logo design is now available to customers. We have an in-house art department. Custom labeling introduces to customers the idea of brand loyalty, lower pricing, higher margins and an exclusive product. Custom private labeling can be tailored to meet your company’s specific image-branding needs. Call Nationwide today, and learn more about the program and its Green Line of paints and coatings; and how your contractor customers can place their name and logo on the products they install.



High Performance Aerosol
Plutonium™ Paint is the first to bring exceptional quality and brilliant color, superior performance and longer durability to the aerosol paint market. It is a modified automotive acrylic resin which provides a premium coating that resists dripping, chipping, cracking and peeling. It is a true HVLP (high volume low pressure) color delivery system with a 360 degree spray and dry to the touch in 3-5 minutes. Our palette includes 33 vivid opaques, 3 metallics, 4 translucents and a Gloss Clear Coat. Made in the USA. Available at independent dealers—not available in box stores.



Manual Tinter
Santint just introduced its new and improved M3 manual tinter.
• It is taller for easier use, and also allows room for a one gallon mixer below. This is the same concept as the company’s larger Combo machine, the MS3
• Available with 3.8 liter stainless steel canisters with 5 oz. and micro dispense.
• Ceramic valves with nozzle closers, ideal for no VODC colorants.



2’x10′ Dropcloth
Now sporting a new runner size, this is the best time to try out Mutual’s Triple Butyl Dropcloth. Made in the USA, these drop cloths out-perform their 12-ounce canvas drop cloth counterparts. The Paint Stopper is our bestselling drop cloth for a reason!
$3.49; 72 pc min.



New Family of Sanding Tools (34436, 3410497, 3410496)
Warner is introducing an entire new family of sanding tools that simplify the changing of paper with innovative new locking mechanisms. This will help overcome a key consumer frustration with traditional sanders. The innovative locking mechanisms are frustration-free while the tools provide
excellent sanding performance.



Point of Sale System
Paladin delivers powerful inventory management inside a user friendly point of sale system. This simple design helps users quickly find what they’re looking for, allowing anyone to become productive with very little training. To keep your shelves stocked with all the painting supplies customers are looking for, Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory Management uses your store’s sales history to calculate the amount of stock you’ll need to meet future demand, reducing “out of stock” situations. With tools to help you locate and eliminate underperforming items, Paladin helps you get the highest return on your biggest investment—inventory.



Pet the Egg
Hollandlac Eggshell! Calling all “Wall Dawgs!” Time to shake your money maker!! In 2016 Fine Paints of Europe, America’s premiere oil paint house, introduced Hollandlac Eggshell. It is a new classic with all the old world charm and quality our Hollandlac family of paints. With a finish bordering on the sublime, it’s the ideal paint for architectural pediment and walls, imparting a subtle, hand rubbed gleam.This elegant, understated finish looks and feels like alabaster. It’s just too good to go unnoticed or untouched. Ahem…go ahead, pet your walls. We get it.



House Wash
Moldex® Instant House Wash removes tough stains from mildew, mold, algae, fungus, and moss, and restores the original look to wood, vinyl, brick, and stone siding.

Formulated with a new Advanced Bleach Gel formula, it removes unwanted stains deep below the surface. Our Active Cling™ Technology allows powerful cleaning agents to remain (or hold) onto the vertical surface longer to achieve the highest effective contact time.



Crepe Masking Tape
ProMask Orange® with Bloc-It, from Intertape Polymer, is a smooth crepe paper masking tape with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Recommended for most paint masking applications where excellent cornering with clean removal is desired. Superb paint lines with up to three day clean removal. Will support masking paper aprons at 160°F (70°C) for 30 minutes.



Full Gloss Interior/Exterior
Farrow & Ball Full Gloss, seen here in Charleston Gray, is an extremely versatile, robust and traditional high gloss finish which is suitable to use on both interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. It can also be used to dramatic effect on walls and ceilings.



New Varnish Labeling
SamaN has given a full label face lift to its One Step Seal Stain & Varnish: bigger color chip on the can, updated picture on the front, and two pictures on the side showing how people can change the color of an existing kitchen cabinet without stripping. Just one coat provides a durable finish. Can be applied over bare wood or an existing finish.



New Product Lineup
ICP Construction unveiled a completely new product lineup during its recent National Dealer’s Meeting in Chicago (read more about it in the November issue of The Paint Dealer, page 30). Two flagship products included in this new lineup are California Paints Ultra Aquaborne Ceramic Premium Interior (previously part of Muralo and Graham Paints) and Ultra 2010 Exterior. These exceptional products represent the finest technology, with superior performance and application characteristics.



Duct Tape Line
Blue Dolphin will be introducing its new Barracuda Duct Tapes featuring its new cutting edge technology 4-PLY layer construction and with more strength than traditional duct tapes. Will be available in 3 styles: General Purpose, Professional & Industrial.



Mighty Minis
ArroWorthy will be introducing its new Mighty-Mini Roller program with new packaging that features similar information to its regular conventional roller program. Available in a variety of fabrics: Microfiber, woven, knit, mohair and foam, a variety of sizes (4″ & 6″) including jumbo, and a variety of naps.