Mark My Words—December, 2018

By Mark Lipton,

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Contributing Writer

Write On? Right On!

My fiancée has a strange habit. She marks the passage of time by noting the closest holiday to the current spot on the calendar and declaring “I can’t believe it’s Valentines Day already: I can’t believe it’s Tax Day already, I can’t believe it’s July 4th already!” and so on through the year. As I sit to write this, she’s laying on the couch doing her Black Friday shopping mumbling “I can’t believe Thanksgiving is over already! I can’t believe it’s Christmas already!”

Neither can I! And I’m grateful for the reminder to do a year-end column. This year was a good one for our industry (mostly: see more below) and independents. I participated in that success and know that many of you did as well. My stores did well. We saw increased sales (slightly) and increased profit margins (nicely higher) while labor costs stayed fairly stable. I did more consulting this year than usual with less travel, also making for a good 2018.

But 2018 is not the only thing we are saying goodbye to. The issue of The Paint Dealer that you hold in your hands will be the last.

Goodbyes are hardest when goodbye is not what we want to say! After a 26-year run, The Paint Dealer magazine is no more. It is time to say goodbye to a publication that has given great voice to our struggles. For decades, The Paint Dealer has been the chronicler of our lives as independent paint retailers.

And I don’t want to say goodbye!

My time with The Paint Dealer lasted longer than my marriage! I don’t even recognize the young man in the pictures of me from back then—he had far too much hair and was much too skinny for my taste. I was 30 years old and just two years in a paint store when I began writing here. At the time, my view of the paint business was that of the few blocks around my store.

Blink forward a few decades and here we are, forced to say goodbye. When TPD first began, there were just a few places to get industry news tailored to the independent paint retailer. As TPD leaves the stage, that is still the case. The PDRA does a nice job with its magazine and there are a few other outlets, but the truth is that publishing is a troubled industry and it seems unlikely that new magazines will pop up to cover independent retailers. Though we are a multi-billion dollar segment of a large industrial segment of the economy, we are too small a collection of people to profitably make a publication just for independents.

But we have not changed all that much! Yes, there are fewer independents now than there were a few decades ago, but not that significantly. What did bring on the end of TPD were the costs of publishing and physically distributing a paper magazine in a time when most information gets distributed at a very low cost via the ether. Consolidation at the manufacturer level also caused problems for TPD: fewer companies mean fewer advertisers.

Still though, independent paint retailers are significant enough in number that we warrant coverage: and a voice! I have a plan to provide that.

About the time my fiancée started saying “I can’t believe it’s Halloween already” I set up a new website: Going forward, I will continue my writing and will publish it there. But I plan more than just posting my own writing. I have already spoken to other dealers, as well as people from other planets in our orbit, whom I think dealers would be interested in hearing from. My hope is to create a space for dealers and others in our industry to share what they have learned, directly with you. I hope to post podcasts so that people who are important to all of us can reach us in that easy to use medium.

I’m excited and hope to deliver some great content, curated by me: tailored to you. But to make it work, I’ll need followers—and that’s where you come in. Please go to and enter your email address. After you do, you can click on the word “blog” on that page to go see what’s already there. The only thing else that is required after that is to read what I send you. I will not be pounding your in-box nor will I be selling your email addresses. Just content specific to independent paint retailers, delivered directly to your email. I hope to see you there.

Thank you as always, for reading my work. It means a lot to me. Please join me in wishing the best of luck to my Paint Dealer family as they too move on to new chapters in their lives.

Mark Lipton is the 4th generation owner of Tremont Paint in New York City as well as a consultant to the coatings industry.

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Summer Color Predictions

By Jerry Rabushka,

Color Trends into 2019

Sure, we’re just getting into winter, but we asked our long-time color correspondent, Kristin Summer of Colors With Kristin, to peer into a crystal ball marked 2019. Not only is she reporting on ’19, she’s tyring to change the game. “We still can’t seem to get rid of that darn gray, but I am part of the team that’s working on it!” she said. “If anything, it is at least steering towards greige (grey/beige).”

And while she’s trying to slow down one trend, she’s happy about another. “I’m on board with Ben Moore’s Color of the Year selection of Metropolitan,” she said. “I’ve been using it for a few years as a base color in many of the homes where I design.” It’s a great start, as a main color in one room as well as a springboard for introducing other colors in that room and rooms nearby. “Having it in a main area such as the living room, entryway, or family room leaves us open to bringing more colors into nearby rooms,” she advised. “Accent colors used with Metropolitan can then serve as a harbinger of a different scheme in adjoining rooms. It’s a true go to for me!” said Summer.


Turn it Into Gold

“This year we are trying to create alchemy in our environments,” Kristin continued. “We are welcoming warm tones back and celebrating craftsmanship and personal touches.”

We don’t recommend you ask people who they voted for, but bear in mind that more than ever, many of your customers see their home as a sanctuary as anxiety over current events is driving them towards a more calming color scheme. “I always feel our color trends go hand in hand with politics,” said Summer. “We are looking for the safety in nature and are staying in blues, greens, beige, soft pinks, and corals. Blues make us feel safe. The deeper blues the better this year—and lots of it!”

While home can be a refuge, it’s also a place to have fun. “Being bold is back,” she stated. “Along with that, there is more of a sense of playing, so there is lots of mixing and matching with colors with more of a sense of play and personal touch, and less feeling stuffy and sterile. We want to feel comfort in our homes and environment.”


Be an Angle Angel

All rooms aren’t the same, and the more you or your designer knows about the shape of the room in relation to the rest of the house, the more effectively you can plan for color. “Proper use of a space is key to great design,” Summer reminded us. “All walls, angles, and the ceiling should be considered before making the decision for the room colors.” Note the angle color in the photo, and seriously, she entreats—don’t forget the ceiling! “I’ve had clients become more open to painting angles a different color or painting the trim deeper colors while keeping walls neutral. It becomes much more personal when they step outside that box. It creates a fun and exciting space!”


Benjamin Moore’s 2019 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore recently announced its anticipated Color of the Year 2019—Metropolitan (AF-690), a stylish gray with cool undertones. “Comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, Metropolitan exudes beauty and balance,” said Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence. “It’s a color in the neutral spectrum that references a contemplative state of mind and design. Not arresting nor aggressive, this understated yet glamorous gray creates a soothing, impactful common ground.” 

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Paint Scene—December, 2018

By The Paint Dealer,

Indie Award Narrows It Down

Americans cast thousands of votes for 171 nominees during the nominations phase of the eighth annual Independent We Stand Independent Small Business of the Year Award, also known as the Indie Award. Each year, Independent We Stand, a national small business movement, gives consumers the ability to honor locally owned businesses whose owners go out of their way to give back to their communities and provide a great customer experience.

Quarterfinalists in the Paint and Hardware sector included:
· A & B Paint Supply, a paint and supply shop in Peru, Ill.
· Caribou Jack’s Trading Co., a paint, hardware, and BBQ store in Soda Springs, Idaho
· H&H Supply, a plumbing, electrical and home supply store in Marion, Ky.
· Indian Trail Hardware, a hardware store in Indian Trail, N.C.
· K&K True Value Hardware, a hardware store in Bettendorf, Iowa
· Lakeland General Store, a hardware store in Pelican Rapids, Minn.

Quarterfinalists received a free lifetime Independent We Stand Premium Membership. The winner of the 2018 Indie Award will receive a prize package which includes:
· Branding, advertising and public relations makeover from independent advertising agency The Meridian Group, valued at $25,000
· $1,000 STIHL equipment certificate
· Plaque to display at winner’s business
· Public relations and social media recognition.

Semifinalist voting closed on December 16. To vote for the finalists please visit


2019 Colors of the Year from PPG, Diamond Vogel

PPG’s 2019 honors go to Night Watch (PPG1145-7), described as a rich, luxurious, and classic shade of green allowing spaces to emulate the feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature. Night Watch’s versatility allows the color to be used in a variety of rooms and design segments from healthcare to commercial and residential design.

“The restorative power of nature is important in society now more than ever,” explains Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager. “Night Watch is about bringing the healing power from the outdoors into your home through color. The dark green hue pulls our memories of natural environments to the surface to recreate the calming, invigorating euphoria we feel when in nature.”



Diamond Vogel’s 2019 Color of the Year is Day Spa (0634), a saturated navy that connects spaces, cultures, and generations. Its flexibility delivers color that is comfortable in interiors or sets a mood of timeless luxury for exteriors. This powerful accent showcases one’s personal style and creates a dramatic backdrop for daily living. “This deep, introspective blue offers quiet reflection and a sense of security at a time we need it most,” explains Sandy Agar-Studelska, Diamond Vogel marketing manager. “Day Spa unites us with nature, as well as mind and body, and its ageless presence makes it versatile no matter the space. It pairs well with both warm and cool neutrals including grays and is a stunning standalone accent.”

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…and with no more ado, we bid…adieu

By Jerry Rabushka,



The industry says farewell to The Paint Dealer

Well we’ve sure spent a bit of time saying goodbye and wrapping things up. But we know as we head into 2019 that painters will still paint, manufacturers will still manufacture, retailers will still sell. We’ve seen retailers come and go over the years, and we’ve spoken with several who have retired this year and closed up their business, some after nearly half a century. We brought you a lot of news over the years, from the beginnings of low VOC paint to the beginnings of low temperature paint, sometimes even high temperature paint. Back in the day we wrote articles on the differences between water based and oil based, and eventually those articles didn’t matter anymore. Oil based house paint…what’s that?

We’ve seen the venerable 240-year-old Devoe Paint get acquired, traded, and rebranded; we’ve seen Jones-Blair, Porter, Duron, Mythic, Purdy, Flood, Pratt & Lambert and many more get acquired or retired. We’ve seen new brush filaments for new paints, new roller fabric, new tape, new caulk. We’ve visited dealers from Jacksonville Beach, FL to Fairbanks, AK; from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island to Honolulu, HI. We’ve been to about 25 National Hardware Shows in Chicago, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

During these last few weeks we’ve received calls and letters from readers and even former industry players— one paint dealer called us in tears at the thought of losing our publication. Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and good wishes—as a writer and just as a human being, my goal at this job (beyond paying mortgage and electricity) was to make a difference to people. It’s nice to know that as a company we were successful in doing so, maybe even beyond what we thought. We asked a few industry people if they would like to share any final thoughts, printed below.




“On behalf of everyone at ArroWorthy we would like to wish you the best of luck on your new journey. It’s been a wonderful experience working with all of you over the years. You will be missed. All the best.” Roland Kolilias, VP, ArroWorthy


“It has been our pleasure working with The Paint Dealer over the years. We have the utmost appreciation for both the magazine and its readers for supporting Benjamin Moore and wish everyone success in the future.”
    Deborah DeHamilton, Senior Manager, Media and Activations, Benjamin Moore


“For many years, we’ve enjoyed being part of The Paint Dealer and what it has represented in the industry. Your fresh and insightful focus on the independent paint dealer has been an inspiration, and has been much appreciated at Corona, where we share your commitment to the independent. We will miss that voice and wish you all best of luck in the future.”
    Ben & Michael Waksman and the entire Corona Brushes family


“Learning that TPD Magazine is in its final run, I am reminded of the indispensable value of family. Realizing I will no longer be waiting to read each month’s pages, I now understand that while I was navigating the content for business, I was actually reaffirming and recommitting myself to my family, business and Independent customers.


Hans through his parents, created something beyond the technical, into the intangible, and people gravitated towards it. I know I did, because the common threads of TPD, were, and are, also mine.

Thank you Hans, Jerry, and team for helping continuously renew my personal and business commitment for the paint store out there who is in need of refuge in a market that is becoming unrecognizable to the needs of independents.”
    Tony Margani, Executive VP Sales & Marketing EVO Paints


We thank The Paint Dealer for supporting this small, family owned paint manufacturing business over the past several years!
    Anne Thibeau, President, Old Fashioned Milk Paint


“Thank you for everything you’ve done for our industry over the years. It has truly been a pleasure to work with such a great group at Mugler Publications. We are sorry to see you go and wish you and your readership the best in future endeavors.”
    Brandon Paas, JoMarie Pagano, and the staff at Intertape Polymer Group


“Jerry, and everyone at The Paint Dealer, as you move towards your final issue, I want to take a moment, simply, to say thank you. You were supporters, cheerleaders, and professionals not only in the world of paint, but in nurturing individuals, companies, and ideas. I am better for having collaborated and having become friends with you. Thanks for letting me share your world.”
    Mark Woodman, Mark Woodman design+color llc


“PPG is grateful to The Paint Dealer for its many years of collaboration and support, and for allowing us to share our industry expertise with independent paint dealers throughout North America. We wish you all the very best.”
    Jennifer Albert, PPG Paints senior marketing manager, architectural coatings.


“Goodbye to an Industry Voice: For more than two decades, The Paint Dealer have been a trusted authority in the paint and sundries industry. ShurTech commemorates the dedication to delivering cutting edge trends, technology and industry insights over the years. The ShurTech family will always remember the vibrant storytelling and long history of collaboration with our Duck®, T-REX®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate® and Shurtape® brands. As a longtime supporter and friend to both outlets, we extend our well wishes on future endeavors.”
     From the staff at ShurTech® Brands


“The Wooster Brush Company has been committed to making painting easier and more enjoyable for nearly 170 years. These magazines became another way that Wooster could deliver that message to painters and retailers across the USA. Who knows how many people over the years chose a Wooster tool after reading our advertising or product features in your magazines’ pages?! Thank you to The Paint Dealer and The Paint Contractor for your contributions to the industry we all care so deeply for.”
     Tim Yates, Communications & Multimedia Manager, The Wooster Brush Company


With these last words we write under the banner of The Paint Dealer Magazine, we wish all of you the best life has to offer. Thanks for being our readers, our writers, our critics, our customers, and our friends.

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Prime Coat—December, 2018

By Hans Mugler,


Into the Sunset

What can I say as this company clocks out after serving you independents for 27 years? “Thanks for the memories?” Nah. “Best of luck?” Sure, but all you indies need more than luck to survive out there. “See you again down the road?” You can bet that won’t be happening! You will probably be hearing from Jerry Rabushka in some form or fashion in 2019, but it won’t be in these mags. As for me, I am outta here, riding off into the sunset to what hopefully will be the final job in my professional career. I’ll be working for one of the largest engineering firms in the world, doing Site Acquisition Management in the cellular industry, something I’ve been doing on and off for the last almost 20 years.

For Jerry, you have always been much more than a good employee. You have been, and will remain, a good friend! You have been my sounding board, my counselor, my cohort here as we tried so hard to make the best magazines we could afford to produce. You were my conscience when I wanted to put things in the magazine you knew we shouldn’t. You talked me off the ledge when there were manufacturers I wanted to bludgeon for not paying their bills, or who treated us extremely poorly, and you stood by me when we had really tough decisions to make here. You are the most talented individual I know, bar none. You have unlimited potential, whether it is in writing for this or another industry, recording music, playing live shows, acting in, writing, or directing your own award-winning plays, and whatever else you choose to do with your life. You are a “talent”, and the rewards will come your way. Thank you for being a huge part, probably the most important part, of this long strange trip!

Kathy Tongay-Carr, you are an incredible talent as well. No matter what we threw at you, no matter how hard it was to graphically produce what we needed from you, no matter how short the deadline, you answered every bell every time we rang you up. You too have been a great friend, who stood by us when things were at their darkest and you continued to produce the best graphics any trade publication could hope to have. I will enjoy my many memories of you (and your Mom!) and just want to say thank you for all you have ever done for us!

Sue Oden has done her time with us for almost eight years, and I thank you personally for all your hard work. You will always be a good friend of mine, and I wish you the very best in your future. You are the lady who faces daily some of the hardest living situations anyone can face. With your son, “Quint,” your daily struggles have only been compounded while working for us, and except for one measly really bad day, we never did not see a smile grace your face. No matter what life or this company would throw at you, you trudged on to meet every challenge head on. And thanks for being my “weird tacos” friend in Vegas when no one else wanted to give it a try! I have such strong admiration for you Susan, and I can only wish you the very best going forward.

Mike Smoot has only been with us a year, but it was a really bad year for us, and yet you still showed up for almost every meeting, ready to meet the challenges ahead and ready to help in any way you could. You came to us when we were at our lowest point, but yet you viewed your job here as a challenge you were willing to accept. Our friendship will continue, and not just on the golf course—but one day soon, I will beat you on the scorecard! FORE!

To our writers new and old, including Mark Lipton, his daughter Miranda, Josh Bohm, Erick Gatcomb, Chas Wolfson, and many others, thanks for putting up with me and Mug Pub Inc. Your strong efforts will never be forgotten, at least not by me.

Finally, Mom & Dad. While you are not here to see the end, I know you are up above looking down on us, happy in the knowledge that we are doing right here by sticking a fork in this thing. Dad bet his life on this magazine and it paid off in spades. He made a commitment to you independent dealers and he busted his butt to deliver for you!

Mom always had an encouraging word for us, and never let us get too down on ourselves when ad sales just stopped coming. I love you both and I’ll see you when I see you.

Thanks to all you readers for your unwavering loyalty to us. We know we helped many of you to be the best you can be, and I wish you all nothing but the best in the years to come.

That’s a wrap folks, catch you on the flipside. Peace Out!

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Keeping it Creative

By mirandalipton,

Ohio dealer’s long-term employees keep up with the times.

Through the ever-changing trends, fads, brands and products that exist within the paint industry, things—such as good service and good advice—still never change! Creative Paints has been independently catering its business and services to the people of Columbus, Ohio and surrounding area since 1964.

John Vickers bought the company around 1980 and under his leadership that one store expanded to five scattered locations in or near the city of Columbus, Ohio’s state capital and its largest city. Vickers first expanded in ’92, bought out an existing store in ’99, and had his most recent addition in 2001—all while maintaining an emphasis on quality products and top notch customer service.

“Being independently owned and operated makes customer service our number one quality, which sets us apart,” said Jayson Harper, manager of the Worthington, OH location, about 15 minutes’ drive north of Columbus. Plus, customers can be sure that whoever is behind the counter knows about paint. “We only have one group of people who work during all hours every day so that knowledge and customer service is there each day from open to close,” he said.


The Same Difference

Four of the locations are identical, with the fifth designated as a decorator shop. That location, based in Clintonville (also slightly north of Columbus), is staffed with two decorators who offer color, wallpaper, and home design consultation as well as installations of window treatments.

While they strive to create a good atmosphere for customers, the company is a great place to work as well. Creative Paints has about 30 employees across its five stores, many of whom have been with the company for decades. Harper started as a high school student who needed a job, without much thought for the future of his career. As he put it…“Once I got in, I got the bug and now I’m 21 years in and not looking back. It’s been a good business.”

And he’s just getting started…according to Creative Paints president Barbara Pruden, John Vickers’ 21 years is on the lesser side of managerial experience in
these stores.

:Most of our managers have been here 30-plus years,” Pruden said. “Employing people who have experience being color matchers has been tough, especially in the past few years. We are lucky that we have at least two people at every store that have been here 15-plus years.”


34 and Counting…and Changing

Pruden started working in the business thirty-four years ago when it was a one-store and five-employee operation. She now manages the day-to-day activities over all the stores, as Vickers stepped back from the company three years ago. Both Pruden and Harper spoke to the unquantifiable level of change seen in the stores since they started: all of it technological.

“Everything has definitely gotten more modern, and everything is computerized…literally everything,” Harper said. “From tinting paint to looking up products, when I started 21 years ago we would pick up a book and everything would be in there. Now we use internet tools for anything and everything, and the back warehouse is all automated. We all didn’t want to make the change at first but once we did it, life really became much easier. In the big spectrum of things, painting is an archaic thing. It’s been going on forever and that side of it hasn’t changed”

Much of Pruden’s family has found work here; the majority of her ten nephews have cast anchor at Creative at some point. She appreciates the effort that they and other young employees contribute to the business. Summer gets busy in the stores, and it comes at just the right time for young enthusiastic helpers to be let out
of school!


Real People Still Needed

Even though technology has made easier nearly all aspects of life (both in and out of the stores), Pruden noted that there are some things that cannot be replaced with a computer. “Many people think that color matching computers are sufficient and that machines are better than the human eye,” she said, “but our guys are really excellent color matchers. Customers often like to check with machines to make sure their colors are accurate. Really, the machines are great to get you started but our color matchers are still the best.”

The color choices that customers are making in Columbus, in Ohio, and throughout the Midwest vary from those in other parts of the country, Harper said. He does not notice a “Columbus specific” trend but recognizes that the fads in these stores align with the rest of the Midwest. “I find that they’re more vibrant on the east coast,” he noted. “We’re more laid back out in the Midwest, more elegant with softer and subtle colors.”

With a population of slightly under 900,000, many Columbus residents are likely thinking of one of these five stores when they’re looking for a can of paint. These well-placed stores in this midwestern metro area have been able to fulfill the wants and needs of their customers for the past 54 years. “People come to us because they know our reputation,” Pruden said. “We are centrally located, and they are loyal customers.”

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Aye, There’s the Rub

By Jerry Rabushka,

Image provided by Festool

An Abrasive Overview

One thing you learn about the paint industry quickly is that no category is static. Here are some new generation abrasives and sanding equipment designed for speed, ease of use, and superior results.



Blue Dolphin Sundries

At Blue Dolphin, president Roland Kolilias is working to make life easier for the dealer and the end user. They get more done, you stock less stuff. “Blue Dolphin Abrasives has been working on a premium product that will reduce SKUs at the dealer level and at the same time increase the productivity for painters,” he explained. “We have developed new 5″ Pro Sanding Discs that will fit any 5″ random orbital machine on the market. Whether it is a 5- or 8-hole machine or a professional dustless machine, the new Blue Dolphin Barracuda Disc will work and perform at high levels.”

No need for “spin,” there is already some good buzz about these discs. “They incorporate new technology that allows them to run cooler, giving them longer life and better production. Blue Dolphin has been getting great placement and wonderful feedback on the performance of these discs from the product’s end users.”

Still, the best product in the world won’t move if there isn’t some muscle behind it, so the company is making sure the word gets out. “We have introduced displays designed to work with paint, hardware, and lumber outlets,” said Roland. “They have been very successful with all three outlets to date. We will also be promoting them at the spring shows.”



3M™ is sanding its way into 2019 with Pro Grade Precision™ sanding sponges, available in a variety of forms. The unique Dust Channeling sanding sponge, made of premium aluminum oxide mineral, channels dust away from the sanding surface and is clog resistant. Use the pattern side for detail sanding and superior conformability. The standard side is best used for flat surface sanding.



Mirka’s powerful and compact Direct Electric Orbital Sander, the Mirka® DEOS 353CV, is the newest member in its electric sander family. At only 10 cm. high, the tool’s compact and very low profile gives it high maneuverability and helps deliver a precise and efficient sanding performance. This small and light sander is naturally equipped with a brushless motor.

The machine has an easy to operate lever to control motor speed. It also has a separate on/off switch for easy and safe handling and features an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology. The vibration sensor makes it possible to view the current vibration level through the myMirka app.

An in-app purchase allows the follow-up of the daily vibration exposure. The low profile and small size make the DEOS ideal for sanding of profiles and hard-to-reach areas. In combination with Mirka’s net abrasives, the tool offers fast, efficient and dust-free sanding performance.




Festool has three new products ready to roll, which they’re happy to share and describe:

One: Festool offers a fully integrated sanding solution for all your applications, from aggressive stock removal to superfine, finish sanding. With a complete line of abrasives in a wide assortment of different types—and grits ranging from 24 to 4,000—Festool has the perfect paper to meet your customers’ application needs. Festool abrasives, with their high-tech coatings, provide maximum resistance to clogging and smearing, which means longer lasting abrasives and less rework.

Two: For those who work with large volumes of dust and debris, the CT CYCLONE pre-separator is the simplest answer increasing the efficiency of the CT Dust Extractor and minimizing its lifetime cost of ownership—all within a compact solution that fits seamlessly into the Festool mobility system. Compliant with OSHA’s Table 1 when used with a HEPA-certified CT Dust Extractor, the CT Cyclone is an anti-static three-step filtration system that separates and collects large debris and coarse dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor—decreasing the number of filters and dust bags that you’ll need to purchase to keep it running smoothly.

Additionally, the CT Cyclone reduces the overall dust load on the main filter and ensures consistently high suction power throughout the work process. Compatible with all CT Dust Extractors, it is a highly portable and compact cyclone solution that can be easily transported to the job site.

Three: The Planex easy Drywall Sander simplifies drywall sanding. This single-piece machine features an easy “plug-in and go” design that is easy to set up and to use. Intuitive controls combine with exceptional balance and low weight to make the task of drywall sanding easier than ever.

Enjoy greater freedom-of-movement and longevity with the direct-drive EC TEC brushless motor due to its motor-over-pad design and flexible head joint. There are no flexible drive cables and no carbon brushes on the motor which need replacing.

A removable top section allows for up-close sanding to abutting surfaces such as inside edges. Finally, reduce jobsite clean-up while working in a cleaner environment, thanks to the integrated dust extraction design that captures dust at the surface (when attached to an appropriate dust extractor). 

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See You Later, Applicator

By The Paint Dealer,

These popular products, mainly designed for contractors, will move fast, so stock up!


Roll Fast with Corona

Corona UltraFast™ production roller covers are painter favorites for their speed of coverage, clean up, and durability. The UltraFast’s High-Density Polyamide fabric, with its feathered, bristle-like tips, picks up and releases paint like no other. It cleans much faster and easier than other synthetics. It is the closest a synthetic fabric has come to natural lambswool, yet with consistent, efficient performance and durability.

“They release the paint more efficiently,” said Corona president Ben Waksman. “They work like a lambskin but are much more durable and consistent. They prove especially effective as production tools in the 1/2˝ and 3/4˝ naps.” The Corona UltraFast™ is available in a full series of naps from 3/8˝ to 1˝, and lengths from 3˝ to 18˝, as well as ReeechIt™ mini-cover versions.


Strike Gold with ArroWorthy

“ArroWorthy introduced its new Professional Handcrafted Oro brush series featuring our own proprietary Chylyn filament,” says company VP Roland Kolilias.

“The acceptance from the user has been fantastic. The Oro brush delivers the level of consistency in paint pick-up and finish that painters are looking for in a professional brush as they switch from one coating to another. Also, it cleans-out easily.”


Wooster Keeps it Firm

In 1985, Wooster unveiled a new synthetic brush unlike any other on the market. Its shorter filaments offered more efficient paint coverage and better cut-in control. Fast-forward more than 30 years, and Wooster Ultra/Pro® Firm paintbrushes are still one of the most successful and imitated brushes on the market.

Even with all the changes in coatings over the last three decades—the introduction of higher solids, reduced drying times, and low (or no) odor paints—the original Ultra/Pro filament blend remains a favorite. This speaks to how Ultra/Pro brushes, like so many Wooster innovations, are far ahead of their time. In fact, the only way that the brushes have changed in 30+ years is by incorporating improved tipping processes to reduce drag. Over 35 different SKUs of Ultra/Pro Firm paintbrushes are available from The Wooster Brush Company.



Paint Well with Paintwell

Lindar Corp. recently released PAINTWELL—paint trays and tray liners designed for pros and do-it-yourselfers. “The Paintwell difference is the innovative, thermoformed design,” said Dave Fosse, director of marketing at Lindar. “With Paintwell trays and liners used together, the paint is evenly distributed over the roller on the tray’s ramp surface, creating better paint coverage and saving time.”

The trays and liners come in 9.5˝ and 18˝ and are made from durable and solvent resistant recycled RPET material. A Drip Guard feature reduces spills; liners will fit nearly every paint tray on today’s market. Products are ergonomically formed to be even easier to handle and maneuver. “Our team has the knowledge to customize plastic paint tray liners to precisely fit our customers’ unique needs—any shape, any size,” Fosse said.

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