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What happens if you don’t peel your tape on time

Peel your tape on time.
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Events, autographs, and new products

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Get the inside scoop about outside paint.

Exterior paint brings innovation and
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Jim Norris, Norris & Company

Selling exterior paint in the five gallon bucket.
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By Jim Norris, Norris & Company

White is more than just a go-to because you can’t think of anything else.

Not just a boring color because you can’t think
of anything else.
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Palette of Departments

They Do Because They Can!

"Masters" of the universe.
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By Hans Mugler, Publisher

Farrow & Ball, Valspar, Benjamin Moore, House-Hasson.

Farrow & Ball, Valspar, Benjamin Moore,
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Trading on Expertise

Welcome Pratt & Lambert, column sponsor!
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By Mark Lipton, Contributing Writer

By Hans Mugler,

publisher HANS MUGLER


They do because they can

The Masters at Augusta National Golf Course is arguably the greatest golf tournament on the planet. More people watch it, or want to watch it, than any other tournament in golf every year, and more than any of the regular tournaments (non-majors) combined, according to The Golf Channel. The history that goes with the tournament, the legends who have and do still play the tournament, and the radio, TV, newspaper, magazine and internet coverage of it is staggering and growing. Players play at the course all weekend in Augusta, GA.; the winners walk off the fabled greens as legends on Sunday afternoon.

A recent online article on “For The Win” asked the question: if the Masters is truly this big a draw, and that many people are jonesing to watch it on TV, then why does TV coverage on the Thursday and Friday of the tournament start at 3pm ET when players are starting to play the course at 8am?

The answer is simple…it’s the Masters! Those who organize and run the Masters—and hand out the green jackets—can do what they want! They have the upper-hand. It’s their tournament, their show, and their prerogative, and they have no issue with bringing CBS and ESPN to their knees.

What in the names of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods does any of this have to do with paint & sundries? Not much, but then again, a lot.

As an independent paint & sundries store owner, the ball is in your court…or on your putting green. You get to make the decisions about what is good for your store and what is not. You decide what goes on the shelf and what doesn’t. It’s your call as to what paint manufacturers you choose to do business with and who not to. You are the Master of your store(s) and the big decisions are yours to make and live with. The Paint Dealer magazine is YOUR magazine. We write for YOU and are dedicated to YOU. We are not a decorating magazine. We talk paint & sundries because that is what you sell the most of at your stores. Companies can tell you all day long that they support you, the independent, but if they are not talking to you in our magazine and not putting their advertising message out to you in our pages—the magazine for the independent—then how serious are they about wanting your business?

The Masters allows viewers only the amount of TV coverage it deems to be sufficient. Would any amount of viewer and patron boycott serve as notice to the tournament that we are not going to take it anymore? In 2003 and 2004, people raised an uproar over the lack of female members at Augusta National, so in those years, the Masters TV coverage went commercial free so they would not have to pander to the TV advertisers who were threatening to boycott in force. Condy Rice, former Secretary of State, is now a member along with several other well-known ladies—token females on the membership roster—but nothing has really changed at Augusta.

At the National Hardware Show and the Lancaster Distributing Show this year, just like every other year before it, you can find a golf course full of products—new, old, re-invented and re-labeled—that will sell in your stores. At the show, you can strike your best deals, walk away from those you don’t like, and make all kinds of new contacts to help grow your business. Big or small, companies are on hand to welcome you into their world of profits. Companies not treating you well? Dump them. Have too many dogs that don’t sell and need replacing? You’ll find their replacements and more at NHS and Lancaster! tpd endcap


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