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Exercise Your Independence

Hold the phone!
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By Hans Mugler, Publisher

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By Hans Mugler,

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Exercise Your Independence

Change happens. There is no way to stop change because the world we live in is always changing, and we are just along for the ride.

As many of you know, we recently moved our World Wide HQ into new digs. We’re thrilled with our new space, but the changes we have endured have not all been good experiences. Take our AT&T situation…PLEASE! This gigantic global corporation has got to be one of the most poorly run companies on the planet. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing there, and the rest of their body parts just seem to run amuck as well.

We have cellphones with AT&T, but we also had a fax and credit card processing line, an 800 number, as well as several other landlines into our old building. We also had AT&T’s U-Verse service for the internet. U-Verse had its own separate bill, but the cell phones and landlines were combined into one bill.

Our move to our new home went really smoothly for everyone except AT&T. The building we are now in has no phone lines coming into it. Internet is provided by our landlord, and our office phones, fax line, and credit card processing is now all done over the internet/Voip. So after nearly 25 years of overpriced, under-delivering service from AT&T, we are suddenly down to just 2 cellular phones with them. I guess they call that “cutting the cord.”

When notice of my final AT&T landline bill arrived in my email Inbox, I went to pay it, but could not access it online as I always have been able to do. Seems AT&T closed the account all together when we cancelled the landlines…brilliant! Now I had to call and talk with some idiot there to find a way to pay my bill.

They said they would snailmail me a copy of the bill in 10-14 business days, but I should go ahead and pay the bill now since it is due in 4 days. Uh, why would anyone pay a bill they can’t see what they are being charged for? I asked for specifics into the billing amount because it was more than it normally was. I was told there was, in fact, an early termination charge for our landlines. I understand the need for contracts, but when you have proven yourself to be a very loyal customer to one company for almost a quarter of a century, you would think that might earn you a little credibility or even some respect, but not with AT&T!

I could cancel my cell service with them, and move that service to any of a number of other carriers who would love the monthly income from me, and it is monthly more than the cost of AT&T’s early cancellation fee, but the folks at AT&T would not listen to reason, were not willing to keep us as clients, and not willing to give us even the slightest of breaks. Bottom line for me is that AT&T has become just too darn hard to do business with!

Every day as a store owner in the paint & sundries business, you have choices about who you can do business with. Companies that make it hard for you to do business with them can, and in many cases should be, replaced. Companies who are on the ball and laser focused on winning or retaining customers should be given a chance to see how they can benefit you! That’s the point of being independent, being able to make your own decisions and reaping the rewards.  tpd endcap

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