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Winter: Put Your House in Order

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By Hans Mugler,


Winter: Put Your House in Order

Hello Mr. or Mrs. Store Owner, thanks for stopping by to read what we have for you, and thanks for being a subscriber!

The major holidays are over, have been for weeks. Thankfully, the elections and inaugurations are behind us all as well. Winter months are a great time to take a mental or even physical inventory of your store, store practices, and even your store or stores’ customer service strengths and weaknesses. It’s not that you’re not doing any business in winter months, but rather it is “usually” a slower time of year than spring, summer and fall, and with a little less selling going on these days the timing is right for store, personnel, and product line evaluations.

As you begin work today, take a minute or three and ask yourself about the state of your store and your business. Is it everything you want it to be? Are there some things that you’d change if you only had the time to research and ask questions? Are there items you sell that just don’t move out of your store(s), or items that sell much better than you ever thought they would? How’s your signage? How’s your store front looking? What are the first things your customers see when they enter your store?

I know, that’s a lot of questions, and even more thought that needs to go into the answers, but in reality these questions are just the tip of the iceberg in what you need to be asking yourself about your physical store and your actual business.

Let’s keep going! Are more folks coming in these days asking for “greener” products? If yes, maybe a wall or shelving area should be dedicated to just environmentally safe products. If no, maybe you need to move this group of products to a less prominent area of your store. Is your signage outdoors well lit, or missing bulbs? How your store looks from the outside creates a perception with passersby.

Have you jumped on the “Made in the USA” bandwagon yet? Made in the USA has had some caché over the years, but as this year starts out, the moniker has never had stronger connotations. In a store environment where squeezing out a .5% to 2% increase in sales year to year is a big accomplishment and a healthy increase in your cash flow, Made in America brands may be the thing that sets your business apart from your competitors and the big boxes. That is not to say that products made oversees or in Canada are not worth your attention, because they are, it’s just that Made in the USA is so strong and prominent these days that to not try and go after some of that business is handicapping your business to some extent.

How is your POS system working for you? You don’t have a POS system and still handwrite receipts and bills? STOP DOING THAT! Spend the money to bring in a POS system. It should easily pay for itself in a remarkably short period of time by helping you save money, reduce or eliminate stocking issues, deal with product expiration dates,  help you account for every product you sell, and store the sales history for whatever product you are questioning.

Remember too, that as an Independent, YOU have the power to make the decisions that will help you, your store or your customers. There are a myriad of paint brands and sundries manufacturers that are craving your business—you’ll find them advertising in our pages. When the dogs on your shelf are barking loudly at you, REPLACE THEM with products that will bring you sales instead of more puppies to feed! 

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