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How They Give YOU Customer Service

Human help with applicator questions.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Help your customers sort out tape.

More tape; more success stories.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

The New TapeTool

A new product that saves time and lets both pros and DIYers work more safely.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

POS features for you and your customers.

A big hello from Paladin Data.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Systems to help you do what you love—sell paint.

Options from Décor Fusion and N.A. Bancard.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor


It’s a bluevolution!
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Coming Into Its Own

A project and a sales tutorial all in one!
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Palette of Departments

Free Popcorn, Free Advice

Pass the popcorn!
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By Shep Hyken, Contributing Writer

A Month of Sundries

What’s my line?
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By Contributing Writer, Mark Lipton

By Hans Mugler,





Free Popcorn, Free Advice

I have said many times that I prefer to shop at my local stores for the things I need in and around my home and office. It is nice that I have a paint & hardware store less than a half mile from my home, and one even closer to our new offices.

The store I shop near my home in Webster Groves, a small enclave in St. Louis County, has always been known to me as Mac Hardware, a “Do it Best” store. The same folks also owned the local hardware store around the corner from our previous offices in Kirkwood, MO.

A few months back, I needed something…a widget, a screw, and wingnut, can’t recall now, but when I pulled up in front of Mac Hardware in Webster, the sign now read Schnarr’s Hardware Company, but still had the “Do It Best” logo as well. Now for someone who does not care for a lot of change, and doesn’t like to search at various stores to find the things I need for my projects, I had a bit of trepidation that my family-owned independent, the store that always had the things I needed or was looking for, would be suddenly changed to something else in the name of progress—something more like the box stores I could shop that are 4-5 miles from my home.

As I walked into the store, prepared to pitch a fit that my very familiar store had morphed into something else and now I can’t find a darn thing, I was immediately approached by a happy, smiling employee or a manager who greeted me to the store and asked what they could help me with. There were several other customers shopping at the same time as me, and each had an employee working with them. Feeling some relief, I explained what I was searching for, and instead of pointing to Aisle 5 and saying it in there somewhere, he personally walked me over to the section I needed and pointed out a few options that would work based upon functionality, quality and price…then he offered me a free bag of freshly popped popcorn! Unlike many independents that simply close up when the owners want to retire, another family indie bought this location, and is now carrying on the tradition of stocking the items needed and having impeccable customer service!

It turns out that Schnarr’s Hardware Company has been serving the surrounding communities for fifty years with its other store in Ladue, MO, about 5 miles from Webster Groves. The Schnarr family started in business by repairing wagons and Model T cars, and sharpening reel lawnmowers. Schnarr’s owner, Frank P. Blair, went to work for the Schnarr’s in 1974, and after 20 years of learning the business, he purchased the store from his mentor W. A. (Bill) Schnarr in 1995.

They have built their business by listening and responding to their customer’s needs, and in that same tradition, they purchased Mac Hardware and have kept it a family-owned, customer service focused business. Schnarr’s motto…“Where we don’t charge for the popcorn or the advice”.

The point is, why force customers to big boxes when you can keep them coming back time and time again to your own independent stores by simply providing the quality products they need, at a reasonable price, and with excellent customer service.

It worked for Mac, it works for Schnarr’s and it will work for YOU!  tpd endcap

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