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Informed (as can be) Decisions

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By Hans Mugler, Publisher

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By Hans Mugler,


Informed (as can be) Decisions

May 15th was my mother’s 80th Birthday. It’s a milestone birthday to be sure, but Mom was just not interested in celebrating it. She loves life and nature, always telling me she is a country girl at heart, but she hates heat and humidity…I mean REALLY HATES IT, and she gets plenty of that here in the St. Louis area. Midwest summers are not for the faint of heart, and Mom has been “stuck” living here as she recovers from various ailments, and recovers well enough so that we (her children…me and my two sisters) can meet her demand to get her back to the home she loves in Durango, CO.

If Mom can fend for herself back in Colorado, we see no reason she should not be able to enjoy her life as she wants to, on her terms. However, if she is still in need of constant care and help for minor tasks, that throws a wrench into the mix. It’s hard decisions like these that keep me up at night.

Often, there will be situations at your store that require you to make a hard decision. Do you bring in a new paint line? Do you hire that summer help you need? Do you upgrade your POS system now or wait until the end of the year? Should you act on some of the more recent trends you are seeing in competitor’s stores, or simply maintain what you have been doing in your store? We can’t answer those questions for you, just like Mom’s doctors can’t tell her to stay here or move back to the mountains. You have got to weigh the pros and cons of each situation.

Knee-jerk reactions are almost never a good method for problem solving. The summer months are certainly some of your best selling months, but they can also be transformative months for your business. If you wait until the slower months or when your business has a lull in activity to implement changes, then you have probably waited too long to act. Strike while the fire is hot, or as Mom would say, “strike while the fire is as hot as a St. Louis summer!”

Last month, I pointed out some of the fantastic products and companies we saw at NHS in Las Vegas. There were definitely products that will generate sales in your stores; perhaps some of these products can replace items that may not be selling very well. Those were all items and products we saw on the actual show floor. What we didn’t discuss much was everything else that happens at NHS. Every year at this major event, there are daily meetings and discussions for store owners just like you. Virtually everything that is discussed is done so in a way that clearly outlines the benefits for the independent retailer.

When making your plans to come to NHS next May, be sure to scout the NHS website and our pages for the lineup of guest speakers and roundtable discussions. I promise that you will learn something that will benefit your business directly, or even to benefit yourself. You can learn about best practices and the latest trends in store design and layout that will generate more foot traffic or make your customers’ shopping experience the best it can be. Learn about communicating better with your customers, and how social media can open a whole new selling venue for you. Learn from the best in the biz so you can be the best in the biz!

It will make those difficult decisions that much easier. 

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