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New stories about new products

Surprising new products to show, and show again.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

The 2017 National Hardware Show puts the whole industry under one roof.

The National Hardware Show and why you should go, part 2.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Hall of Fame

It’s not just for the indecisive anymore.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

A Three Store Chain Along the Rio Grande

Everyone’s welcome at Matt’s Building Materials of south Texas.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Consumer education for deck stains.

Help customers make an educated decision about exterior stain.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Award-winning Global Paint for Charity distributes recycled coatings worldwide.

Global Paint for Charity shows us just how important a coat of paint can be.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Palette of Departments

See You at the National Hardware Show!

The National Hardware Show and why you should go, part 1.
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By Hans Mugler

Hockey Paint

They’re on ice, but in a good way.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

CBC Decor Fusion

Unique Point of Sale Software: A Win for Both the Paint Retailer and the Developer
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By CBC Decor Fusion

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Announces Partnership with
the National Trust for Historic Preservation
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By Benjamin Moore

Nationwide Coatings

Use the Ultimate Protection with Enviro-3000®.
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By Nationwide Coatings

Paladin POS

Be Nimble, Be Quick with Paladin POS
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By George Maginnis

When the Ship Is Sinking, But the Band Plays On

What if you owned
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By Shep Hyken, Contributing Writer

25 Independent Years

The National Hardware Show and why you should go, part 3
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By Mark Lipton, Contributing Writer

By Hans Mugler,


See You at the National Hardware Show!

As you are reading this, the powers that be at Reed Exhibitions, the group that puts on the biggest industry event every year, the National Hardware Show, are in full court press finalizing their plans, floor layout, speakers and forums to guarantee that this year’s show is the best ever. As you will see this month and next, we will keep you abreast of what’s in store for you at NHS in Las Vegas on May 9-11. The Paint & Sundries section of the Show will be its usual beehive of activity, and with Lancaster Distributing’s big show right next to NHS, you won’t be able to miss the industry’s excitement for a HUGE 2017.

As an owner of one or multiple paint & sundries stores, you have a lot on your plate already, and as we’ve heard in years past, it’s not always easy, affordable, or even doable to leave your store(s) for 3-4 days to attend the event. If you are already planning on going to NHS and Lancaster, you will have a distinct advantage over your fellow competitors. If you haven’t made up your mind about going, maybe we can prod you into the affirmative. If you own a store selling paint and hardware, you can kill two birds with one stone!

Every year, NHS is where our universe gathers to talk shop, sell products, build relationships and hopefully grab the best pricing available all year! You will see products you have never seen before. You will find products for your store shelves, as well as store shelves themselves that make storing and displaying those products a snap. You’ll see old favorite products that have been tweaked and improved upon. Pricing and inventory is a big concern for all store owners, but if you don’t find deals at NHS and Lancaster, then you are not looking very hard because at almost every booth and with almost every manufacturer in attendance, the best pricing and deals you will see all year will be found on the show floors!

Reed Exhibitions has worked tirelessly since the close of last year’s show to make sure your experience this year is the best yet. Want to see what inventors have been working on since last year? You’ll find them at the Show. Want to buy American? NHS has a big section just for you! Want to brush up your knowledge of coatings, applicators, networking, and generally making your business better and more profitable? It’s all waiting for YOU at NHS and Lancaster in Las Vegas.

Why all the hype? Because it is our job to keep you informed of all things that can and will help you be the most successful at what you do. And it’s not just about walking miles of show aisles (in really comfortable shoes) and ogling the new widgets. If you are looking for a break from the hectic pace on the show floors, then take a load off and grab some insight at the various forums and speaking events being held at the show, and meet the movers and shakers that make our industry so great!

Southwest Airlines can get you to Vegas from just about anywhere in the U.S., and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg. The number of available hotel rooms under $100 a night is staggering, considering so many of them are in really nice casinos and resort hotels. You can rent a car or hail a taxi, but Uber and Lyft are cheaper to get around town, and the food in Las Vegas is some of the best you will find anywhere in the world! For more, check out our article on page 20.

The National Hardware Show and Lancaster Distributing WILL make your business better—if you attend. We’d love to see you there with us! 

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