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Summing Up 2016— With Good News Ahead!

2016 + 1 = 2017, and more plusses.
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By Hans Mugler

Big, Bigger, and the Biggest-est.

A call for leadership.
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Summing Up 2016—With Good News Ahead!

2016…what a strange year it has been. Going into the year, many manufacturers were cutting back on their spending in marketing, R&D, branding and product development. When asked why this was happening, the resounding answer was “It’s an election year, we’re going to wait and see what the outcome is.” I think it’s funny how an election can have so many different repercussions to so many different industries…even before it happens. There were however, some big happenings in our industry as well, and there were some sizable mergers in 2016, but nothing like the mega acquisitions of 2015, i.e.; PPG/Akzo.

As I stated last month, our paints and sundries industry has a lot to gain and to build off of going forward. How the Trump presidency will affect us all has yet to be seen, but this could end up being a very good year for all the paint and sundries manufacturers you see or will be seeing in these pages.

At the World HQ of Mugler Publications, Inc. are already seeing big positive moves in our industry for 2017. British paint company Farrow & Ball is going to be talking to you folks a lot from our pages, and check out their ad starting this month! Benjamin Moore & Co. will be talking to you every single month from our pages! They want all our readers to know they have your back and will be working hard to maintain the high level of satisfaction you get from selling their products.

ICP Construction (California Products) is preparing to market its products to you and to pro contractors in a way never before seen from them. Via print ads and web ads, ICP wants all you indies to know what they have been up to the last few years, why they have acquired such great brands and products, and what it all means to you, the independent dealers of North America. Please listen to them and support them!

As an independent, you have the ability to fight back and right some wrongs as well. We have heard plenty from our readers about how “it just ain’t right” that some companies sell their products at the indies, then turn around and sell the same products, or watered down versions of those products, at the big boxes…and for lower prices. Our advice on that is to do what works best for your business. Send the message that you don’t want to play that game by not selling those products, simple. Whether it is paint, primer, brushes, rollers or other sundries, you have the control. The folks that advertise in our pages want you as their customers, they are actively seeking your business. You can find them all in our Annual PaintPages and Buyer’s Guide Directories. Remember to keep this issue around throughout the year and use it as a resource when the need arises to shop for a new product or to see what other products are available in a particular category. Choices, choices, choices!

Here’s to wishing the best for EVERYONE in our industry. It is our hope that this industry rockets to new unimaginable heights, crushes corporate goals across the board, rings up the biggest sales year you have ever had, and you and your store(s) continue to ride the wave to the very top! To ALL our manufacturer/advertisers large and small, a big THANK YOU to you for working with us to get your messages out to our readers for going on 25 years now. We will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in February and we hope you join us for the celebration because we wouldn’t be here without your support or that of our incredibly loyal readers! tpd endcap

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