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Gardner-Gibson gives beads of advice and talks about its rebranded caulk line.

Gardner-Gibson rebrands, plus shares good advice for DIYers.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Sure you've got standards! But specialty primers serve a good purpose alongside them.

Specialty primers augment your line of multi-purpose products.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

ColorWorks Paint & Decorating brings together painters and vendors in its annual pro show.

A behind the scenes look at planning a pro show.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

With color, "throwing shade" is a good thing.

Accents, base colors, or neutrals, green's coming out of the "shade" into its own.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Get a handle on your applicator sales and inventory.

Everyone grips a brush their own way; your job is to find the brush that fits the grip.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Palette of Departments

Pull Your Shades Down

You're wearing what?
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By Hans Mugler, Publisher

The ABCs of Expectation

Managing expectations—yours of them, and theirs of you.
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By Mark Lipton, Contributing Writer

By Hans Mugler,

Pull Your Shades Down

publisher HANS MUGLER


The year is flying by; seems that the older I get the faster go the years. Tax season is already upon us and there are things we all need to do to get organized to avoid IRS issues or that dreaded audit from Uncle Sam. I’m not a tax attorney (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!) but our accountant has us pulling together a variety of documents so that when it comes to filing, we do it as painlessly as possible. Make yourself a note to contact your personal and business tax consultant to check on what is new and what things you can and cannot claim when filing this year.

Another item on your short list should be getting your airfare, hotel rooms and car rental locked down for the National Hardware Show/Lancaster Show in Las Vegas May 5-7. NHS in May is a rite of passage. To me, it marks the beginning of Spring, the end of hockey season (Go Blues!), and the big push for the summer buying months.

Locking in rates now could save you hundreds, even thousands (if you are traveling with a large entourage) in costs. If you are planning on walking the shows or having booths at the shows, be sure to check out the NHS and Lancaster websites for all the latest news, hotel package deals and an ever expanding list of vendors and exhibitors who can bring sales to your business.

For the single biggest, most valuable event in our industry every year, you simply cannot afford to miss out on NHS/Lancaster!! Bring the family or significant other along for the ride and make a week of it, because there is plenty for them to do while you are working the shows. What you will find on the show floors, the connections and deals you can make with buyers, dealers, manufacturing reps and business owners, and the wide variety of seminars and discussion groups you can be a part of could have a HUGE impact on your business!

So my wife tried to drag me to Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day…YUK! Thankfully it was Sold Out at every theater she looked up. And after reading the movie’s horrible reviews and explaining to her that since she and all her girlfriends loved the book, she and all her girlfriends should go see the movie together, I settled on forking over my hard earned money to take her to see American Sniper…Hoorah! You can’t beat Clint Eastwood, not even with lace and leather!

At the theater, I saw a crush of people, mostly couples standing in line waiting to get into Fifty Shades. One gal caught my eye because she was wearing a black leather studded dominatrix hood! But that was just the beginning…she also wore a neck-to-ankle skintight body suit that she had made herself—it literally had 50 shades of gray on it made out of actual paint samples. She was seeing the movie alone (go figure, right?) but I had to ask her about the outfit. She used painters tape to keep the lines straight while a friend of hers modeled it, and the color samples (from companies such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Porter Paints and Pratt & Lambert) were painted on in a graduated fashion from the top down. Sorry, I didn’t get a photo because I didn’t bring my phone into the theater. She gets big marks for creativity, but it didn’t get her a date for the movie, and she can’t wash the dress if it gets dirty…because it’s made of paint! Perhaps after the movie she can get a job as a fan deck.

It does show, however, that people will go to almost any length to express themselves through color! tpd endcap


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