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There’s more to it than you think.

You can scream it or whisper it too.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

How to Survive to Your Next Project.

Great advice from Gardner-Gibson.
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Remembering safety when your customers forget.

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Quality, timeliness, and relationships reignite American manufacturing.

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Palette of Departments

A New Home for Our Next 20 Years

Down in the Valley…
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By Hans Mugler, Publisher

Minwax Launches DIY Campaign; Don't Be a Boor; Customer Satisfaction

Social media faux pas.
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By Jerry Rabushka, Editor

Items for your shelves!

Paints and sprays and boxes and more!
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Get Ready for Freddie

When people look up to you and you’re a bad example.
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By Contributing Writer, Mark Lipton

By Hans Mugler,

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A New Home For Our Next 20 Years

So long Kirkwood, hello Valley Park, MO! After almost 20 years in the same building, we’ve packed up the offices at the World Headquarters of Mug Pub Inc and rolled the moving vans about 10 minutes west of our former location. Our move was not as dramatic as the St. Louis Football Cardinals moving to Arizona in the late 80’s, or more recently, the NFL’s Lambs leaving STL for LA (and good riddance!), but Kirkwood is losing a Fortune One Million company and its loss is Valley Park’s gain.

Gone are the days of coming into the office at the crack of dawn to discover more leaks in the roof, new gigantic cracks in the walls or ceilings, or a roach infestation (from the pizza parlor below our offices), and we won’t miss the ancient single pane leaky windows, the threadbare carpeting, the creaky heating and cooling units, another Kirkwood event that has the streets blocked off and our parking restricted, or even a train blocking the main intersection downtown blaring its horn, as if no one would notice the big yellow Union Pacific locomotive sitting there!

We will, however, miss the occasional sighting of ghostly apparitions of an old lady or an old doctor who floated around our space. Such was life working in a 130+ year old haunted building, the oldest commercial building in downtown Kirkwood, a seemingly tranquil, peaceful town that was anything but. Compared to a lot of places, the Wood was a fine place to do business, loaded with shopping and restaurants and a predominantly good vibe, but putting it mildly, our building had issues, and the owner had no money to keep up with the problems, so they would simply pile on top of one another and snowball into bigger problems.

His problems became our problems, so we put a lot of time and products into that building and much of it has stood the test of time. SmartRoof (renamed and now owned by Henry Company) sealed the deal on our flat roof, but now the pitched roof with its seven layers of roofing is the sieve. Kilz and Benny Moore’s Aura covered the outside, while everything from Devine to the now defunct Mythic to California Paints to most recently, Eco-Safety Products covered the interior walls. We applied lots of new products on the building, and about 95% of them did their jobs really well!

Life in Valley Park runs at a slower pace. Trains still roll through town, but far enough away that we don’t even hear them and they don’t stop traffic. TrampMaster, a huge trampoline manufacturer, is headquartered across the street. The Post Office is two blocks away and local icon Carol House Furniture (“Because You Like Nice Things”) is a quarter mile west. From our offices we can see the levee…oh, did I mention the building sits in reclaimed flood plain?

Back in early January you may have seen on national news that this area flooded heavily, flooding over Interstate 44 (Route 66) just south of us, and closing it down for a week or two, but our building stayed dry behind the massive levy and new flood gates. The hundred year flood didn’t top the levy, but a few inches more of rain and we’d have had a different story to tell.

Over the coming years, we will be putting more new products on and in our building to make it our own. No one likes the grey and white paint on the interior walls or the dirty dull exterior of brick and siding, so you can bet this building will be the perfect blank canvas for multiple TPD & TPC Projects! Home is now located at 342 Marshall Road in Valley Park, MO, 63088. As Tom Bodett would say, we’ll leave the light on for you!  tpd endcap

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